The Purple Tide

Simple skincare solutions to get clear, healthy skin

Irene Si, copy editor

March 11, 2020

1. Sunscreen is the key to blemish-free skin. You should be using sunscreen every single day, regardless of the weather, season or color of your skin. Unprotected exposure to sunlight can lead to hyperpigmentation and prematur...

Apple AirPods grow in popularity despite health concerns

Irene Si, copy editor

November 14, 2019

Since the 2016 release of Apple AirPods, the tech gadget has accumulated global praise and popularity, dominating over 60% of the global wireless earbud market, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. AirPods have quickly ...

Rise in hate crimes causes concern

Irene Si, copy editor

October 2, 2019

El Paso, a western Texas city that is 80% Hispanic, recently suffered from a mass shooting at a Walmart shopping center that took 22 lives and injured 24 others, according to the Wall Street Journal. The shooter, a white natio...