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Social studies teacher Brittanye Mohrbacher explains the structure of the U.S. judicial system to her 2nd period AP US & Comparative Government class.

Brittanye Mohrbacher

Coming to CHS with a diverse resume, Brittanye Mohrbacher has spent 15 years working in education, including working at a virtual school and at American University’s admissions office. This year, Mohrbacher is teaching AP United States History and AP US & Comparative Government.

Why did you decide to teach at CHS?

I’ve heard great things about Chantilly from people that live in this community and CHS is also fairly close to home for me, so it’s nice to have a fairly short commute and with small kids that’s important to me.I love the school spirit and the pride here and I look forward to having a great year.

What would you say your favorite part about the job is?

My favorite part is definitely getting to know the people here, so that includes the students. All of my students have been very welcoming so far and have been engaged in the classroom. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level as well as trying different activities with them in the classroom. Also, all the staff  has been also very helpful to helping me get started and acclimated with the school.

Did you have any other jobs before deciding to teach at Chantilly?

This is actually my 15th year in education. I’ve had a variety of different experiences. I started off in surrounding counties in the DC area. I worked for a little while until I had children and then  I sought to have more of a family work life balance, so I worked for virtual schools prior to COVID, so I kind of got a head start on everyone else before COVID when it came to virtual education. As my kids had gotten a little older, I thought it would be the time to transition back into traditional public schools. Last year, I was at Woodson High School on a one-year contract, but there was an opportunity open for me to be closer to home here at CHS. I’m excited to be here and that’s the long story of how I ended up here.

Do you decide or do you prefer teaching virtual or in person? 

I personally prefer the interactions with being in person. I feel like virtual education is great for some students, but it’s not the right fit for everyone. For convenience though, depending on your situation, virtual education might be better.

Why did you decide to teach AP United States History and AP Government out of any other subject?

I think that a lot of times there are things that happen in our country where there is conflict and different tension. A lot of times when students and people in general have more perspective about how things came to be the way that they are, then it creates greater understanding amongst people. I think part of my job as a teacher is to educate kids so that we can have more understanding, and then also to encourage positive civic discourse conversations. Students as they become adults can learn to have meaningful conversations. so that we can hear each other, not just talk at each other. We can work together in order to create positive changes in our countries and our societies.

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