LGBTQ music artists to spice up your playlist this fall

For many, music is a type of therapy. It’s a way to relieve stress, help let out that long-needed cry or even feel like the main character of a sentimental coming-of-age movie. But more importantly, music is a form of self-expression. It’s a way to communicate thoughts and feelings when spoken language doesn’t do them justice. 

In a music industry with little to no representation of the LGBTQ community, some queer people find it difficult to find singers to relate to and songs to identify with. 

“A lot of award shows, such as the GRAMMYs, are stacked against LGBTQ artists and even more so for [LGBTQ artists] of color,” junior Elise Engelen said. “It’s important to erase the stigma surrounding LGBTQ individuals [and] for queer people to see someone like them on screen, getting praised and doing what they love. Representation makes people feel seen [and] wanted.”

For those looking to diversify their taste in music while supporting queer artists, here are four out-and-proud musicians.

Rina Sawayama
girl in red
Frank Ocean

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