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Math teacher Veronica Moldoveanu explains a concept to her students on Sept. 24.

Veronica Moldoveanu

After attending high school and college in Romania, math teacher Veronica Moldoveanu came to America after she finished college to do advanced studies at the University of Maryland. 

Why did you choose to be a teacher at CHS?

I decided to be a teacher a long time ago. I am an engineer by education, but I switched to teaching math in 2004. When I got married and moved to Virginia, I taught at a middle school for two years and then taught at a high school for nine year. I really wanted to come here because I live in the neighborhood, and I saw that I could teach my neighbors and their children and get to know my neighborhood better this way.

What was your high school experience like?

I was not a very mature kid, so I would approach high school differently as I was not involved in activities. Romania is a country with very different high schools than the United States. Kids don’t have as many options when it comes to activities; there is no band, only clubs on a much smaller scale.

Growing up, was math your favorite subject in school?

Yes, I have always liked math. It helped me choose to become a teacher. I found it easy because I didn’t need to memorize much. It was like solving puzzles, and they were interesting to me. I can understand that math is a very hard thing for some, but people should be encouraged to explore it. When kids choose to do math, they should do it for the right reason: because it is their passion. Books and books and books of math are not something that you are going to be interested in.

What helps you get students excited about math?

I want kids to actually enjoy math. This is the reason I’m always trying to improve my teaching techniques. I bring activities to class that help students like math. I also like to play games in class. Of course, some classes are more demanding than others so sometimes there is not enough time to play, but at the beginning of class having more flexibility helps. I really hope that my students can have fun in math class and enjoy the aspects of competing with each other.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I like to do a lot of outdoor things because I’m more of an outdoor person. I like to garden, grow orchids and travel with my children. I have two children who are now grown up and one that is an eighth grader at Rocky Run Middle School. I like biking with them, and I spend a lot of time around the neighborhood.

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