The Purple Tide

2020-2021 Staff

Gray Jones


Gray Jones is a senior in her third year working for The Purple Tide publication. She will be one of the three Editors-in-Chief this school year. She is a sprinter and hurdler on the track team. In her free time, she loves reading...

Shary Ali


Shary Ali is currently a senior and will be serving as an Editor-in-Chief for the Purple Tide this year. Shary often spends her time working on writing pieces, tutoring students in math, managing at the Writing center as a boar...

Catherine Xu


Catherine is a senior and one of the three Editor-in-Chiefs of The Purple Tide news magazine. She's also involved in the school literary arts magazine, writing center and Math Honor Society. In her spare time, she enjoys writing,...

Aarthika Krishnan

Managing Editor

Aarthika is a junior and the managing editor of The Purple Tide. She tutors in all subjects and plays club volleyball. Outside of school, her favorite activities are writing fantasy stories, daydreaming and taking long naps with her t...

Nayana Celine Xavier

News Editor

Nayana Celine Xavier is a junior and staff writer for the Purple Tide. She serves as the Senator of Chantilly Model UN, is a member of Future Health Leaders and advocates for e-waste recycling. She is a strong believer in the...

Nithya Muthukumar

News Editor

Nithya Muthukumar is a sophomore working for The Purple Tide. She likes to play volleyball and violin. She is involved in her school’s Debate, Robotics and Red Cross clubs. In her free time, she bakes, sketches and listens to ...

Terra Nagai

Sports Editor

Terra is a junior and this is his second year with The Purple Tide. He plays soccer for the high school team, his club team and a local semi-pro team. He is also a part of the Chantilly Writing Center as a tutor. In his free ...

Irene Si

Arts&Style Editor

Irene Si is currently a junior at Chantilly and this will be her second year as a part of The Purple Tide staff. Besides the news magazine, Irene is also involved with the school’s Writing Center, Key Club and Women in Science c...

Shreya Baskaran

Arts&Style Editor

Shreya Baskaran is currently a sophomore and is working for The Purple Tide. She tutors kids in reading, writing and math and enjoys writing various pieces. In her spare time, she loves binge watching shows, spending time with her d...

Anagha Gummadivalli

Academics Editor

Anagha Gummadivalli is a junior and this is her second year on The Purple Tide staff. She is on the robotics team and tutors math to elementary school kids. In her free time, Anagha enjoys reading mystery novels, playing hockey ...

Shreeja Tangutur

Academics Editor

Shreeja Tangutur is currently a sophomore. Some of her hobbies are that she likes to read, write short stories and go hiking. She also loves to play basketball and travel.

Shivani Sethu

Opinions Editor

Shivani Sethu is a junior at Chantilly High School. She enjoys performing in a band with her two sisters, usually on drums or the guitar. She also has a passion for reading and writing.

Gayatri Dhavala

Business Editor

Gayatri Dhavala is currently a sophomore in her second year of journalism. In her free time she overthinks, annoys her mom, loves tutoring and rambles to her diary about philosophical ideals. She is extremely passionate about t...

Christine Cheung

Copy Editor

Christine is a junior and this is her first year working for The Purple Tide. She’s also in Key Club, Spanish Honor Society, Math Honor Society and her church’s praise team. In her free time, she likes to jam out to music, ...

Blake Jocuns

Copy Editor

Blake Jocuns is a junior this year, and when not at school, they can probably be found at a volleyball court. They have a love for science and politics, and can be found sketching away or explaining their new painting idea to some...

Sumi Rao

Copy Editor

Sumi is a junior and a part of The Purple Tide at Chantilly. She is heavily involved in dance outside of school and uses her time to teach other kids and herself. Other than dance, her hobbies include making art, hanging out with he...

Sanyu Srikanth

Copy Editor

Sanyu Srikanth is a senior and is also involved in the school’s theatre department. She acts and performs outside of school and spends lots of time practicing. In her free time, she enjoys running, watching shows/movies and spend...

Nabiha Zulfqar

Copy Editor

Nabiha Zulfqar is a freshman and in her free time she enjoys writing, spending time with friends and family and watching Netflix. A few of her hobbies include drawing, makeup and baking.

Anjali Ashok

Staff Writer

Anjali Ashok is currently a freshman and this is her first year of The Purple Tide. Outside of school, you can find her learning different styles of dance or binge-watching shows with her family. Anjali often spends her spare t...

Kaylee Baek

Staff Writer

Kaylee Baek is a freshman and this is her first year of The Purple Tide. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, writing and is part of both the regional and national team for rhythmic gymnastics. She wants to travel to Europe w...

Luke Barlow

Staff Writer

Luke Barlow is a freshman. He’s also an avid reader and writer. While he’s not doing those things, he’s probably running for a workout or daydreaming about something.

Cassandra Barnes

Staff Writer

Cassie is a sophomore working for The Purple Tide. Outside of school, she is often writing music, taking pictures with the digital camera that she borrowed from her sister or repeatedly watching Disney movies with her cat. She...

Lidya Beniyam

Staff Writer

Lidya Beniyam is a freshman and currently serving as a writer for the Purple Tide. She is a cross country and long distance runner for the FPYC track team. Her hobbies include reading dystopian or supernatural fiction books, ...

Nick Chernisky

Staff Writer

Nick Chernisky is a freshman at Chantilly. He enjoys baseball, hiking and is a boy scout.

Katelyn Chu

Staff Writer

Katelyn Chu is a sophomore. Outside of school, she plays travel softball, volunteers for the National Charity League and is a tutor for the Chantilly Writing Center. When she’s not caught up with school or sports, she likes to ...

Ryan Geary

Staff Writer

Ryan Geary is a senior and this is his first year of The Purple Tide. He enjoys playing guitar and basketball for fun. Ryan also likes to write poetry in his free time.

Natasha Guharoy

Staff Writer

Natasha Guharoy is a sophomore at Chantilly High School. This is her first year being a part of The Purple Tide. She is also in Chantilly Robotics and the Girls Varsity Tennis Team. In her free time, she enjoys listening to m...

Gurpreet Gujral

Staff Writer

Gurpreet Gujral is a senior in his first year of working for The Purple Tide. He loves all things history and aviation. He's in his second year of AFJROTC and loves the program. He also loves public speaking and just talking in ge...

Ellia Kweon

Staff Writer

Ellia Kweon is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. She is a swimmer on the Chantilly Highschool Swim Team and a team outside of school as well. She also likes to read and paint during her free time. ...

Chloe McGeehan

Staff Writer

Chloe McGeehan is a freshman. She enjoys playing club volleyball. Her favorite school subjects are science, debate and history. In her free time, you’ll probably find her taking care of a new plant, playing with her dogs or...

Jada McGlothin

Staff Writer

Jada McGlothin is a sophomore in her first year working for The Purple Tide. She plays violin for one of the school orchestras and plays the piano privately. During her free time, she enjoys reading, biking, listening to music and ...

Dayana Najarro

Staff Writer

Dayana Najarro is a freshman. She loves to play volleyball. Her favorite subjects include history and English. Outside of school, she likes to go on walks with her dog or watch a movie with her parents. ...

Haley Oeur

Staff Writer

Haley Oeur is a ninth grader and is in her first year of journalism. She’s not very athletic, but loves to read romance novels and watch cheesy K-Dramas with her mom. She also likes to write, draw (albeit not very well) and...

Thirtha Poruthikode Unnivelan

Staff Writer

Thirtha is in her senior year of high school, and this is her first year working for the Purple Tide. She enjoys reading LGBTQ+ literature, painting farm animals and other scenery and playing board games in her free time. Her fav...

Kayla Radler

Staff Writer

Kayla is a freshman. She loves to draw and write. She is very excited to be starting high school and is looking forward to journalism. Kayla’s favorite hobby is watching anime with her brother.

Rhea Rajeev

Staff Writer

Rhea Rajeev is currently a junior. She loves to tutor, coach basketball and spend time with friends and family. She has a great passion for traveling as it exposes her to new places, people and cultures. ...

Zoe Rosas

Staff Writer

Zoe Rosas is a sophomore and loves to paint. She loves writing and likes history class. She is a member of Model UN.

Mahika Sharma

Staff Writer

Mahika is a sophomore working on The Purple Tide this year, in addition to being a part of Chantilly’s Model UN club and several volunteering organizations outside of school. In her free time, she enjoys baking, writing, hav...

Lizzie Stone

Staff Writer

Lizzie Stone is a junior who is starting her first year on the newspaper staff. She has been involved with other student journalism programs and enjoys reading and writing in her free time.

Anwita Suryadewara

Staff Writer

Anwita Suryadewara is a freshman in highschool. She plays the piano, guitar and the clarinet. She also loves running in her free time.

Harum Taha

Staff Writer

Harum Taha is a senior who enjoys writing stories or poems in her free time, participating in all sorts of clubs after school and tending to her two parakeets. Her goal is to be productive for her last year of high school by imp...

Noyanika Vattathara

Staff Writer

Noya is a junior. She is involved in Chantilly debate, the literary magazine and the Virginia Youth Climate Cooperative science research team. In her free time, she likes trying out new recipes while baking, reading and playi...

Bella Witter

Staff Writer

Bella Witter is a freshman. She likes sports and hopes to make the basketball team. She enjoys watching Youtube, was an actor in the play “Making Piece” (two plays) and was an assistant director in the second play....

Thalia Sabit

Features Editor

Thalia Sabit is a junior who loves reading and writing, especially in the fantasy genre. She can often be found glued to either her phone or her laptop, but also enjoys unplugging gardening. ...

Lauren Connors

Staff Writer

Lauren is in the 10th grade and plays soccer and field hockey. In her free time, Lauren writes screenplays and stories along with drawing, reading and playing with her dogs.