The Purple Tide

Senior Sydney Schneider, junior Julia Shen, senior Kaitlyn Chou and junior Claire Myers practice alongside the rest of the dance team in the cafeteria on Wednesday, Sept. 20. The team performs “Chantilly Lace” at school football games as per long-standing tradition.
‘Chantilly Lace’: school theme song faces backlash over lyrics
Mahika Sharma, Online Editor • November 25, 2021

For decades, the 1958 record “Chantilly Lace” by American musician Jiles Perry...

Like the name suggests, biochemistry is a subdiscipline of both biology and chemistry that studies chemical processes in relation to living organisms. Students in AP Biology are manually pollinating plants.
Biochemistry Club participates in research with William & Mary
Irene Si, Editor-in-Chief • November 27, 2021

Looking to create a relaxed space for students to explore science, club founders...

Senior Molly Shear prepares to fire an arrow to hit a target at Win and Archery on Sept. 11.
Archery students shoot for success
William Evangelista and Colin Denny November 22, 2021

Without a club or Virginia High School League (VHSL) team at CHS for archery, student...

Senior Samuel Park works on an assignment wearing a newly allowed hat on Oct 20.
Dress codes affect student learning
Thalia Sabit, Staff Writer • November 26, 2021

A student gets pulled out of class for wearing a cropped shirt, and because they...

Nawal Africano teaches her sixth period physical education class.
New teacher spotlight
October 22, 2021
On June 10, 2005, a young lady signs a memorial wall for Natalee Holloway, less than two weeks after her disappearance. This case is another example of the White Woman Syndrome. Photo by Mary Thompson used under CC-BY SA 2.0.
White Woman Syndrome highlights racial disparities 
Rhea Rajeev, Business Manager • November 23, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are classified as "missing" by police enforcement...

Consumers shop at Pentagon City Mall ahead of Valentine’s Day. While excessive spending creates negative impact, these purchases fuel the retail industry. Photo by Benjamin Schumin under CC BY 2.0.
Costs of consumerism: Excessive spending detrimental to society
Shreeja Tangutur and Katelyn Chu November 21, 2021

While watching videos on TikTok, teens are susceptible to being influenced by the massive hauls, shopping challenges and excessive wealth displayed...