The Purple Tide

Democrat Jon Ossoff beat his Republican opponent, David Perdue, for the Senate runoff election in Georgia.
Democrats win Senate control in Georgia
Nabiha Zulfqar, Copy Editor • January 8, 2021

One of the most important presidential elections in history has left Joe Biden and...

Freshman Paparda Tanadumrongsakd rides her bike in D.C.
Pandemic impacts physical condition of many
Kayla Radler, Staff Writer • January 17, 2021

According to UCSF, physical activity dropped worldwide due to the pandemic as many...

Junior Libby Bondi (center) and her friends celebrate the end of a successful 2019 soccer season.
Athletes debate returning to sports this year
Lizzie Stone, Staff Writer • January 15, 2021

Many private sports teams have started up despite the quarantine, hoping for a normal...

Sources: American Psychological Association, Forbes, and Statista.
Psychologists can't prescribe medication
Dayana Najarro, Staff Writer • January 16, 2021

According to Statista, approximately $511 billion went into medicine in 2019. In...

Sources: Newsweek, Wikipedia
American Sign Language should be taught in schools
Thirtha Poruthikode Unnivelan, Staff Writer • January 12, 2021

Hearing people often overlook the huge advantage they have in society over deaf people,...

As 2020 comes to a close, many look forward to improvements in the next year. Changes in presidency and advancements with the COVID-19 vaccines bring optimism for issues such as the environment, immigration and social justice movements.
America reborn: Changes for new year
Shary Ali and Catherine Xu December 16, 2020

After the emergence of the coronavirus, social justice protests, talk of World War III, wildfires in Australia and the invasion of killer hornets,...