‘The Batman’ created stunningly dark environments


“The Batman” marks the start of a new DCU trilogy

Siddharth Dhawan, Staff Writer

Scoring 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, the new Batman reboot, “The Batman,” was globally loved by most who watched it. Being the sixth reboot of the series, this movie provided a unique angle, going for a darker look at the gloomy and criminalized city of Gotham and showing how criminally infested the city truly is. 

This movie, unlike the other ones, does not focus on the suit, or the flashy gimmicks and instead focuses on reminding the viewer that Batman is a genius. A critic at Screen Rant said the movie is more of a detective procedural than a superhero movie, instantly distinguishing it from all other Batman movies. Instead of focusing on just a hero and a villain, it focuses on the process of the hero using more than just strength to beat the Riddler, who is the insane mastermind behind all the mysteries and action. 

“The Batman” suit was the best suit in all the movies so far because it seemed fitting for the new Batman and it wasn’t too flashy. It was a more minimalistic take as there was not many gadgets attached to it, and instead there was just one big bat symbol in the middle of the suit. on the suit which hasn’t been seen much with superheroes in general. The movie’s dark and plated suit instead of gadget and tech filled suits seemed a lot more fitting for this edgier Batman and fit in with Gotham’s tone, as the movie is not about his strength or weapons but his minds and knowledge.

According to Market Watch, the movie dominated the box-office weekend, earning $254 million globally, which shows the people’s excitement for the movie. The profits from the debut topped any other Batman movie’s opening weekend by almost $100 million as the second highest is  “Batman v Superman” with a weekend of $166 million.

A big part in selling the movie and making it immersive was the cast. The performance of lead star Robert Pattinson as Batman was a different take from the rest of the movies since the movie is more serious and dark, but the edgy and gloomy acting shown using a dark and emotionless voice helped create a dark, dreary environment. 

Another shining star in the acting for the movie was Paul Dano, playing the Riddler. Dano’s acting really sold how crazy the Riddler was with his creepy and ominous laughs; the aura became intense whenever Dano was on screen.

“The Batman” was nearly three hours long, which is higher than any other solo Batman movie


The long duration of the movie had me and my friends worried at first as it is extremely hard to keep people’s attention span for three hours.

The length of the movie did not end up becoming too much of a problem, as it mostly keeps the immersion throughout the run time because the viewers are trying to find out the mystery the whole time as well since we only see what Batman sees. The movie is a little slow, but the payout at the end is worth it because of the action packed ending.

Overall, “The Batman” was an outstanding movie to get people excited for DC’s future and what they are up to next, such as “Black Adam” and “Flash”.