‘Stranger Things’ returns with new season after three years

Stranger Things attracts audiences with description of the shows first season and the cast list.

Used with courtesy of Netflix.

Stranger Things attracts audiences with description of the show’s first season and the cast list.

Jared Dallos, Staff Writer

Dungeons and dragons, kids riding bikes, government lab experiments and supernatural beings are just some of the elements in the television phenomenon, “Stranger Things.” Netflix has released many original shows that reached global admiration, such as “Squid Game ” that has a total of 381 million hours watched. “Stranger Things however, has racked up over 427 million watching hours in the third season alone according to cbr.com

“Stranger Things” is a sci-fi series about four teenagers in a small town in Indiana. In season one, after one of the boys vanishes one night, the other three boys try to find him. In the process, they run into a girl who has escaped from the town’s science laboratory. She has psychic powers and the government is after her. 

“I am super excited about where the plot will go and how the character arcs will develop.” sophomore Hamsika Ramkumar said.

The show has also demonstrated much success among students. In a cafeteria poll taken on April 28, 71 out of 122 students say they have seen “Stranger Things.” 

After a three-year hiatus, “Stranger Things” finally released a trailer for a fourth season on April 12, with a release date for the first half of the season on May 27. Instead of releasing all of the episodes at once for viewers to watch like in previous seasons, Netflix will release the season split into two volumes with the first released on May 27 and the second on July 1.

“I think it was a smart idea to have two parts to the fourth season,” sophomore Hassan Rao said. “It will get me more excited about the show because when I finish volume one, it will get me more anticipated for volume two.” 

Typically, when a Netflix show does not release a new season for an extended amount of time, the show is most likely canceled, such as “One Day at a Time” and “Marlon.” However, “Stranger Things” is changing that narrative, and students are thrilled.

“I am very intrigued by season four because I watched the show as a kid,” Rao said. “I feel like I grew up with the actors, so I can’t wait for the show to end on a high note and I am interested to see how the show will end.” 

The teaser trailers have also contributed to the overall anticipation and theorizing about the new season. In one teaser trailer, it was announced that the character “Jim Hopper” is still alive after he was proclaimed dead in the previous season. In a different teaser trailer, it shows how the characters are struggling after the aftermath of season three. 

“I definitely think that the teaser trailers have kept me excited and in touch for the new season,” sophomore Hafil Naz said. “Every single time a new teaser trailer is released, I would make up new theories about season four based on the new trailer.” 

When a show spends an extended amount of time on a new season, many people tend to rewatch the old seasons in preparation. “Stranger Things” fans are no different with 102 out of 123 students saying they have rewatched at least one season in an Instagram poll taken on April 23.  

“The reason why I love ‘Stranger Things’ so much is because of how rewatchable it is,” Ramkumar said. “Out of all my favorite Netflix shows, ‘Stranger Things’ is definitely my favorite and the new season will definitely be worth the wait.”