Field sport to new heights


Andrew How

Sophomore Cole Landgdorf performs a pole vault before the track and field meet on May 11

Andrew How, Staff Writer

Field sports gives a welcome to new athletes when the season starts. They test an athlete’s endurance and strength to see how far they can jump or how far they can throw an object. The field sports that are offered at the school are long jumps, pole vault and throws. The team had a meet on May 18 to 19 at Westfield High School, the field sports have gotten top ten in state with pole vault and high jump. 

Sophomore Daniel Gunn does shot put and discus throw. Shot put is where an athlete tosses a metal ball to see how far it can go in a seven foot circle according to World Athletics. Discus throw is where the user throws a discus far without stepping out of the two and a half meter diameter circle according to World Athletics. The usage of the weight room helps athletes gain strength for when they toss the metal ball on the field.

“We use the weight room to lift and do bench press,” Gunn said. “To gain muscle to be quick and fast.” 

Senior Henry Moore joined track and field sophomore year during summer because he did cross country.  He does shot put and discus throw, which both require a lot of strength. Moore made friends with his fellow athletics during his time in track and field. 

“Fellowship this year is better because of last year with [the pandemic],” Moore said. “We do little gatherings and people bring extra food such as donuts and burritos.”  

Junior Raymond Creeks is a captain of the track and field and performs in track. He joined his freshman year, but the season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. So for him, his track and field season started during his sophomore year. He was told from the previous captain who would be the new captain

“You gotta have certain characteristics such as honesty, integrity and hard work,” Raymond Creeks said.

Creeks would recommend for the new freshmen to try out for the team because being part of the team and having the workouts are fun and made a lot of friends from the past two years especially with the graduating seniors.

“This has become my deepest, most tight-knit friend that I pretty much have,” Creeks said.