A Pep Rally to Die For

Joey Durkin, Business Team Member

Friday, Oct. 17 held great significance to our student body. The Varsity Football Team is back at home, and the Chargers got excited at the pep rally.

The pep rally, held at the end of the school day on the football field, injected a frenzied and excited mood into the Chargers. Students took part in inter class competitions such as a scavenger hunt, watermelon eating, sing-offs and an obstacle course.

The scavenger hunt resulted in a group effort from all classes. Objects, including socks, earphones and pencils, were thrown down the bleachers to win the hunt for the class.

The watermelon eating competition saw representatives from each class rise to the challenge. The sophomores came in a close second to the seniors. Ryan Cox represented the sophomores.

“I got really into the contest,” Cox said. “I even took a chunk out of the rind, I got covered in watermelon juice. I really wish I could have finished just a few seconds faster.”

The sing-off, judged by volume and clarity, was taken by the seniors. They sang “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. The freshman took fourth place.

“The freshmen were really quiet compared to the other classes,” junior Melissa Kapfer said. “They could have done better.”

In the obstacle course, everyone struggled with the task of throwing a ball into a bucket. The sophomores had an especially hard time, they couldn’t tie the knot for the three legged race portion.

In the end, despite the heat, the pep rally succeeded in getting the students excited for the game.