Boys Cross Country Qualifies for the State Championships

Alisha Compton and Caroline Ready

Over the past few years the boys’ varsity cross country team has put in hours of work in order to win many accolades. On Nov. 15 at Great Plains the boys’ team will attempt to defend their state title with senior Ryan McGorty leading the team.

The team won the district championship, starting their post season off on a good note. Ryan McGorty came in 1st running a three mile time of 14:49, sophomore Brandon McGorty came in 7th running 15:38, senior Evan Compton came in 11th running 15:52 and junior Chris Wigle came in 12th running 15:54. They each received an all-conference title. The team then came in fourth at the regional championship.

“The region went pretty well; we were hoping for a state spot and we got it,” junior Rajiv Gupta said. “Collectively, we didn’t do as well as we hoped, but we’re hoping to bounce back at states.”

By guaranteeing their spot in the state championships, the boys’ team has the opportunity to make an even deeper impact on Chantilly history .The top four runners have each made it on to the all time top 25 Burke Lake record board for the school. Ryan McGorty is 3rd on the all time board, Brandon McGorty is 15th, Compton is 20th and Wigle is 22nd.

“It’s a great feeling [for the team to be going to states this year],” Ryan Mcgorty said. “[Coach] G told me that I’m the first person in Chantilly history to bring a team to states four years in a row.”

In cross country races the fastest 5 runners on each team count toward their team’s points, thus their performance individually and as a team is critical.

“We all warm up together. We stretch together. We are all like a group. We are all really supportive of each other,” Gupta said. “Even if we have a bad race, we’re going to help each other out. It’’s a really great team.”

The team has many goals in mind as the state championship approaches.

“I’m excited to go to states with everybody and just try and do as best we can,” McGorty said. “Our team goal is to try and shoot for second, and my goal individually is to try and win.”