Julia Golden and Anna Bowers Commit to CNU


Sudharshana Krishnan, Assistant Arts & Style Editor

Recently, lacrosse players Julia Golden and Anna Bowers have committed to Christopher Newport University.

“I was really excited and relieved because I finally knew where I was going,” senior Anna Bowers said.

Senior Anna Bowers chose to go to CNU for personal reasons.

“My brother also goes to CNU and he will be a senior there next year and it will be really fun to go to school with him again” Bowers said. “Also, CNU has a really good Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) which is important to me because I wanted the college I went to to have a good Christian group on campus.”

Senior Julia Golden chose CNU had different reasons for choosing the same school.

“I chose CNU because I really wanted to go to a smaller sized school and didn’t want to be too far from home,” Golden said. “Also, I loved the campus and the feel it had and how competitive their lacrosse team is.”

Both players were extremely excited to commit to CNU and look forward to playing college level sports.

“I looking forward to getting to know the whole team and I love the coach,” Bowers said. “I’m just excited to be around a lot of other people who love want to work hard at lacrosse.”

Although Golden and Bowers were happy about committing to a college, they will miss Chantilly.

“I will miss most about Chantilly is the girls on the team even though we have not had successful seasons,” Bowers said. “I have gotten to know the girls so well and I will really miss them and playing with them on the lacrosse field.”

The sports are not the only thing these athletes are going to miss about Chantilly.

“I’m going to miss the people at Chantilly most and the close knit feeling our school has” Golden said.

Looking back at their high school sports career these athletes have accomplished many different things.

“One things I always wanted to do in sports was make it to a state tournament which I was actually just a part of on my field hockey team which was awesome,” Golden said.

All the dedication on and outside of the field paid off for both athletes.

“When I committed this summer and I felt all the hard work throughout the years finally pay off,” Bowers said.