Trendy styles to take prom by storm


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Windsor store front prom clothing display.

Gayatri Dhavala, Business Manager

High schoolers can be seen browsing dress websites and coordinating with their friends/dates to plan the perfect celebration for prom. As a significant event in the life of most students, finding the perfect prom dress to make the experience memorable can be a vital part of the process, and it’s never too early to start shopping. 

Shopping for prom can be confusing, from picking out a dress to buying matching accessories. Here are some trendy styles to keep in mind while shopping this year.

Sparkle and Shine 

While homecoming is traditionally a night for short dresses, prom is typically an event where the ladies dazzle with long gowns. Make the evening shine by wearing a sparkly dress in an iridescent colored fabric that is not only eye-catching, but looks great in pictures with light shimmering off the beads of glitter. According to fashion retailer AMARRA, the trendiest colors for prom 2023 are bright colors such as neon pink, fuchsia, periwinkle, lime, lilac and light blue. 

“I love glittery dresses because they are so easy to find, and they go with any style,” senior Cristina Nguyen said. “I’m planning on buying my dress from Amazon because they have a wide variety and it’s cheaper than buying from a boutique.”

If a student buys a dress without sparkle and decides that they want some shimmer on either their garment or body at the last minute, try buying a glitter spray from Amazon or Ulta that costs between $5-$10. 

Dress for an historic night

If you are interested in making a fashion statement that combines the old and the new, try incorporating pieces of 19th-century fashion with modern colors to create an experience similar to a Bridgerton ball. For those looking to dress up in historically regal fashion, try looking for fluffy gowns with a lace corset and puff sleeves. Stores such as ASOS, Lulus and Nordstrom sell corseted dresses that can give a nice structure to the body. Corsets can be purchased separately from Amazon or Shein and can serve as an addition to plain-colored silhouette gowns as well.

“I want to buy a dress that reflects the regency era fashion like in the show Bridgerton, but more specifically like the character Daphne Brigerton,” senior Sophia Lopez said. “I love the fashion depicted in periodical shows and want to wear something that makes me stand out, so I’ll wear a light blue gown with white gloves and diamonds.”

For guys, a modern tuxedo, a ruffled shirt under a dark suit jacket or a coat paired with either boots or dance shoes will give a classy modern-historic look. Some popular stores to shop at include Macy’s. Men’s wearhouse and ASOS, among others. 

Comfort above all

Prom is ultimately a night that is supposed to be fun and breezy. According to Seventeen, lightweight and airy styles are supposed to be a hit this year, with many celebrities such as Harry Styles and Billie Eilish influencing fashion. Outfits with lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer are popular this year, especially layered ruffle dresses that can be found in thrift stores or high-end shops, depending on a customer’s choice. 

“For me, prom is all about having fun and partying, so I usually don’t stress about the dress too much and go with something flattering but comfortable,” senior Amanda Jane said. “I don’t spend much on dresses since I’m mostly going to wear them once and won’t have an opportunity to wear it again, so I spend more on other accessories I can use again.” 

According to AMARRA, prom costs anywhere from $150-$2,000, including dresses, tuxes, tickets, proposals, accessories, shoes, corsages, makeup, hair stylists and dinner. Prom dresses range from $70-$900, depending on where you shop. Tux Rentals range from $60-$130 but are more expensive if purchased depending on the brand and store. To get the deal while shopping, students can start looking for dresses early to get the first pick and can pair a simple dress with extravagant accessories or vice-versa.