Community appreciates dedication of librarians


Josh Lim

Head librarian Kristen Zemba explains to a group of students the different library resources they can use in their work on Mar. 10.

Josh Lim, Staff Writer

Libraries are peaceful and well-respected spaces all over the world. Librarians devote their time to ensure that libraries continue to be a safe haven for students to learn, study, and socialize according to PewResearch.

 There is much more to a librarian’s job than just helping people and restocking bookshelves. Every day, librarians work to store media in order to help others obtain information more easily. With National Librarian Day on April 16, students reflect on all of their experiences with their librarians and the library as the peaceful days pass.

“I appreciate that they moved the fantasy section along with the Sci-Fi section to make it flow better,” junior Katelyn Ruehle said. “I used to go there confused on exactly where books would be, but now it’s more straightforward.”

The relocation of the sci-fi/fantasy section was just one of the many alterations that the librarians made, which interested many readers. But as time goes on, some misuse the books rather than borrowing and using them properly.

“I think the library should be appreciated more, because a lot of people just go to buy books or abuse them,” Ruehle said. “Many people need libraries because of the resources that they use, either people can’t afford to buy every book they want to read or find books to research.”

In order to assist students with their studies, librarians arrive at CHS at 7:30 a.m. to open the library to students, review books and determine whether the materials are of high quality. Throughout the day, the librarians work to ensure the library is a place for people to study and offer an environment for research and productivity. Additionally, librarians study professional publications and reviews in their spare time to help students choose the best resource.

“When you’re a librarian, you read things that are a part of your collection so you can be familiar with them,” substitute librarian Claudia Johnston said. “You can read something just for me or professional journals because of all the books that are purchased, the librarians are responsible for finding reviews of those to say that they are quality and recommend things to students or to teachers.”

They also help students with their academics through individual conversations or in class. For example, the help they provide is showing how to do citations for research projects and other needs.

“Every single day is different,” head librarian Kristen Zemba said. “Some days, I’m working with classes and I’m helping them with the research that their teachers want to do or citations. We always have individual students coming in as well, either emailing and saying ‘Can you help me with this?’ or they just come in and need help with something. So, that’s the nice part about being a librarian.”

With only three librarians on staff, it is difficult to maintain an estimate of how many students visit on both A and B days given that multiple students ask for assistance from time to time each day. According to Zemba, there are more than 700 students present during A days.

“I would thank them for being so kind when I come into the library,” Ruehle said. “It’s welcoming and I thank them for taking care of the plants because it really helps set the vibe of the library and it really does help me get work done.”

Although the librarians use a variety of resources to assist both teachers and students. The programs at the libraries are run by people who care about the children and the resources available to them. The library is open from 7:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon, or until 4 in the afternoon if there are any late buses.

“They’re just friendly people,” sophomore Jayden Foster said. “Let’s say you want to know something about the library, like how to use Destiny Discover, they’ll try to help and guide you in a very comforting, very friendly and approachable way, a way that’s very comforting and overall just makes you want to go back to the library.”