Introverts Debunked

Joey Durkin, Assistant Business Manager

“I think that all of us are pretty much the same whether we’re extroverted or introverted,” junior Nate Park said. “The only difference between us is how much of a risk we prefer to take. Being extroverted is dicey; we put trust in others and make relationships. High school is one of the most judgmental places in the world, so I don’t blame introverts for being shy, reserved and a bit untrusting.”

A person who has an introverted personality draws their energy from being alone, and is exhausted by social interaction. They prefer to keep social groups restricted to a few close friends and relish time alone. In general, introverts appear to be misunderstood. More times than not, introverts enjoy doing things that they can do alone; listening to music, reading a book, watching TV, etc. The most common misconception about these people is that their need for alone time makes them shy, reserved and untrustful.

To understand what an introvert is, one should also understand what an extrovert is. In general, extroverts get their energy and enjoyment from social interaction. They relish and excel in building many friendships with many people, and love spending time with other people.

“It’s not that I don’t want to talk to people,” sophomore Jack David said. “I just keep to myself most of the school day. I need a lot of alone time.”

Contrary to popular opinion, introverts aren’t necessarily shy. They can be, but there are many exceptions; just like there are exceptions to the assumptions that men are stronger than women, that all politicians are interested solely in personal gain or that all teenagers are rebels. One cannot define any one introverted person as shy based on a typical generalization, just like any other stereotype.

As an introvert, I have personally dealt with people misunderstanding my personality. For example, parties are daunting. A room full of people that I don’t know, hours of nonstop noise and interaction. It is expected that I be social at all times when in reality I would much prefer to stay at home and listen to music. However, I am an exception to the introvert stereotype, I am an outgoing introvert. I enjoy talking to people. I like spending time with people, but I need to be alone to refresh.

Many introverts do prefer to avoid large social gatherings. This is often mistaken for being shy or reserved. In reality, introverts steer clear of many social situations because they are physically and mentally drained by interaction.

Introverted individuals can be different than the labels they receive. An introvert should not be judged based on assumption. Instead, an understanding of an introvert should be formed on personal knowledge of the personality unique to them.