Q&A with Obscure Club Sponors

Joey Durkin, Assistant Business Manager

Many clubs in the school are widely known. There are, however, more clubs beneath the mainstream surface; such as the Origami Club, Equestrian Interest Club, and Bhangra Club. The niche that these clubs occupy is small, making them unique and obscure.


Origami Club sponsor Mike Murphy

Q: What is Origami Club about?

A: Practically, it’s kids that come after school and enjoy doing origami. Origami is an art form, a form of expression, a relaxing and mellow sort of thing.

Q: What is the history of the club?

A: Four or five years ago there were a bunch of juniors and seniors who started the club, and some younger girls kept it going after they [the original members] graduated. We’re trying to get it going again mostly because I have a bunch of supplies and why not?

Q: Why should a student join the club?

A: It’s fun; it’s about as low key as it could possibly be. There are no obligations whatsoever. You just show up and someone shows you how to make whatever is being made. That’s it. That’s all you do.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: If you are interested in origami at all, or if you’ve done some yourself, come talk to me or show up. We have some nice origami paper that you can use.


Equestrian Interest club sponsor Meg Holman

Q: What is the Equestrian Interest club?

A: The equine club focuses on horses. Mostly the club allowed students to share information regarding events and opportunities for students to be involved with their and others’ horses.

Q: How did the club start?

A: I had a group of students ask me to be a sponsor last year but there has not been any real interest this year.

Q: Why should someone join the club?

A: Anyone interested in horses would be a good fit.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like students to know?

A: I would think that students interested in horses for any reason would be interested in the club. They could make it what they wanted. I was a sponsor to allow them to have the club.


Bhangra Club sponsor Latha Shankar

Q: What is Bhangra club all about?

A:  It’s about students experiencing another dance form from India.

Q: What happens during the average club meeting?

A: Students get together, pick a song, and learn some Bhangra steps. Right now, they’re practicing for International Night.

Q: When does the club meet?

A: They generally meet on Thursdays or other days that I can stay after.

Q: How did the club start?

A: Last year, a girl contacted me about wanting to start the Bhangra club. It never got off to a start last year but this year there was a lot of interest in the students because it’s quite an energetic dance form and the music is quite peppy; it has a good beat.

Q: What would you say to persuade a student to join the club?

A: Watch a Bhangra video on Youtube. You’ll fall in love with it. You’ll learn some new moves. Whether you’re a dance fanatic or not, I think it’s a lot of fun.