How to: Promposal

Sudharshana Krishnan, Assistant Arts & Style Editor

It’s the season for posters with puns, scavenger hunts and flash mobs. That’s right, it’s promposal time. As the end of March approaches, many upperclassmen are thinking about prom and what a great night it will be. Among questions for possible prom attendees is who is going to ask them or who they should ask and how they are going to ask him or her.

Stage One: Who?

Stage one, deciding who you are going to ask to prom, is one of the most important stages. It helps to know who you are going to ask early so you have time to plan a promposal. When deciding who to ask to prom, you should try to think of someone who you feel comfortable with and know you will have a fun time with. It is better to ask someone you know because you want to make sure you get along with that person, so you aren’t nervous around him or her and you can have a good time. Remember, prom is a night to have fun.

When deciding who to ask, you always want to conduct a “Pre-Ask”. The “Pre-Ask” is when you ask the friends of the prospective date to make sure that he or she will say yes when you ask him or her. Conducting this step will both give you confidence and eliminate any awkwardness for the chosen individual so he or she are not placed in a stressful situation and embarrassment for you.

Advice: “Figuring out who to ask is the most important,” senior Jake Weeren said. “You want to go with someone you like and can have a good time with.”

Stage Two: Planning

Stage Two, planning the actual asking, is the stage that involves the most effort. When planning the promposal, you first need to decide whether you want to do a big or small promposal. If the person you are asking is outgoing, you may to conduct a more elaborate prom proposal. However, if the person you are asking is shy and does not like to bring a lot of attention, a smaller promposal will work better. Another factor which may help in deciding which type of promposal to do is the relationship with the individual. If you are in relationship, a flashy promposal is not necessary because you know you are going to go together, (However, if you know your significant other would like something bigger, go for it.) If you are not in a relationship, doing something big excites the other individual and shows the other person how much fun you two would have together at prom.

Advice:  When looking for ideas to do a small or big promposal, the internet is your friend. It is also important to find something that relates closely to something your chosen individual likes (If you need help, ask his or her friends.

Small Promposals: Searching “Promposals” on google images will give you hundreds of ideas of small but clever to ask your special someone.

Big Promposals: Searching “Promposals” on Youtube will help you find big and creative ideas that will make sure your special someone says yes.

Stage Three: The Ask

Stage three, the actual ask, is what you have been working so hard for. The hardest part of this stage is getting the nerve to go up to the special someone. However, if you followed all the steps, there is nothing to worry about. During this stage, it is extremely important to be optimistic. Just remember, you put a lot of hard work into this and everything will go according to plan. Don’t be shy and continue to have a positive attitude.Once you’re actually asking him or her, smile and be confident. If you are afraid of what other people are going to think, stop, because it doesn’t matter. It’s just you and your special person and once he or she says yes, what anybody else thinks won’t matter.

Advice: “If someone is nervous about asking someone, he or she shouldn’t be because prom is supposed to be a fun event,” senior Morgan Bedford said. “ It shouldn’t be something that makes you stressed out.”

Stage Four: Getting Ready for Prom

Stage four, getting ready for prom, is an important step for everyone. It is advantageous to have your big day planned out as early as you can because it gives you time to be as organized as possible. Some important things to plan early are coordination of outfits and your group. Along with your group, you should decide where you will be getting ready, taking pictures and having dinner. The more organized you are before the day of the event, the more fun you are likely to have because you will not be stressed about getting things organized.

Advice: “Last year my friends and I waited too long and I think that’s why everyone was stressed out and things fell apart,” senior Rachel Palmer said. “Start planning early.”