Obama and Putin Strive for Peace


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Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the United Nations General Assembly to discuss the ongoing issues in Syria. This was the first encounter between these two political powerhouses since Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Obama and the western nations condemned Putin’s actions. They imposed sanctions on Russia and also decided to suspend Russia from the G8 (Group of Eight).

Because of their opposing views, Obama and Putin were reluctant to discuss these matters. They bashed each other’s ideas citing impracticality or unjustness.

Obama believed that Putin and Russia have violated peace by invading Crimea. He also criticized Russia’s choice to support the existing Syrian government.

However, Putin affirmed that Russia invaded Crimea for the will of the people. He also stated that the current Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad is willing to participate in the change of the nation.

However, both Obama and Putin found some common ground on Syrian issues. They agreed to use military force to oust the Islamic State. Both presidents expressed desires for the return of peace and stability to the Middle East.

They both tentatively suggested that they could work together to solve the problem in Syria. The truth, however, is that both the United States and Russia will have to compromise on some matters to make Syria a peaceful nation again.