Powder-puff Game


Photos provided by Phil Dolinger

Recently, Chantilly High School held its annual Powder-puff Game between the Junior’s Class of 2017 and Senior’s class of 2016. The tradition continues with the fierce and budding rivalry between the two charismatic student classes.

They played their annual in school rivalry last week with the Senior’s class of 2016 being victorious.

Early in the game, the seniors set the tone with amazing defense. Forcing the juniors to make careless mistakes and turnover the ball too much.

“We turned over the ball too much and could’ve taken the care of the ball a lot better,” junior Cindy Tho said.

The seniors’ offense was good as if not better than their defense as throughout the second and third quarter. They kept consistently scoring touchdown after touchdown.

The seniors had control for nearly the entirety of the games. Until the very end in the fourth quarter, when the juniors created a little window of opportunity for a comeback. The seniors, however held on and was able to fend off the offense of the juniors.

“Both teams played a great game, I think we just had better execution and more precision than the juniors,” senior Elisha Ahn said.

Hopefully next year, Chantilly’s Annual Powder-puff Game can be just as amazing as this one.

“Next year, we’ll be ready and coming, you’ve been warned sophomores,” said Tho.