Students Learn to Manage Money in Investment Club


Jacob James showcases a piece of investing lingo

Investing: a topic that leaves many students dumbfounded at the mere mention of its name. However, new ways of learning about investment continue to aid students in their search for a better understanding. The newest addition is the Chantilly Investment Club, founded by sophomore Jacob James.

“I love the unpredictability [of investing],” James said. “Bankers are often called ‘masters of the universe’ because they can seemingly predict the future.”

Because proof of student interest is required for officially starting a club, an interest meeting was held in Room 219. Over 20 students showed up. The unique nature of the club calls for awareness and support from the community.

“We have already achieved my goal of receiving sponsorship,” James said. “As of now, we are being supported by Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking wing.”

Being sponsored allows the club access to competitions run by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. Participating in these competitions gives national recognition to students and clubs.

The club is also looking forward to collaborating with the Thomas Jefferson High School chapter periodically throughout the school year.

“[The two clubs] are going to share resources,”James said. “It will help both clubs work and teach better.”

A variety of students are interested in investment and plan to join Investment Club.
“I have no previous investment experience,” sophomore Andrew Tam said, “but I’m interested in investing as an alternative way to make money compared to a job.”

Other students have experience, but still want to participate in a community centered on investment. As well, some students are thinking about pursuing it, not just as a hobby, but as a career.

“I think the club will be useful later in life when I have the chance to invest with my own resources,” junior Daniel Crowe said.

James hopes to teach the basics of investing, and to expand to more advanced topics as the year goes on. At the start of each meeting, he quotes the club’s motto: “Make money, make more money, make the most money.”

“My goal for the club is to properly educate all students so that they can make better independent decisions about investment,” James said.

Plans were also made to incorporate professional investor guest speakers into some meetings.

“I want to get more popular speakers to come to the club, such as Jordan Belfort,” James said. “We could possibly get people to Skype call with us.”

For underclassmen, the Investment Club could be helpful for taking personal finance in the future.

“I did a contest in personal finance last year, and that made me interested in investing even more,” Crowe said.

Investment Club is scheduled to meet every Monday after school in Room 219.