Holidays are celebrated earlier and earlier each year

Lexie Buswell, Copy Business

It’s that time of the year again for pumpkin spiced everything and cozy fall decor, but stores have been ready for a while now. Even though it’s not even October yet, the Chantilly Costco is already selling Christmas decorations. It’s almost as if the holidays never end. Although many complain about the premature observation of just about every major holiday by the consumerist America, some students enjoy celebrating ahead of time or even year round.

“I celebrate Halloween year round by wearing my Halloween costumes to school and at home,” freshman Maggie Corcoran said. “My costumes are onesies, so it’s easy for me to wear them at home and school.”

Once it’s November, local stores quickly leave Halloween behind as they set up their Christmas displays and merchandise by the first week of the month. From this point until the end of December, it is all about Christmas, often leaving Thanksgiving completely ignored. Many students prefer Christmas over any other holiday, and some are already getting into the spirit.

“I start getting excited for Christmas before November because I have always loved the Christmas spirit and it puts me in a good mood after the stressful days in school,” Wigle said. “I already have Christmas lights up around my room so I just listen to Christmas music, bake Christmas cookies and I sometimes wear Christmas sweaters around the house.”

Even after December, Wigle’s Christmas spirit continues to flame, literally.

“I have these special holiday scented candles that I burn year round because who doesn’t like candles?” Wigle said. However, others feel that the holidays should be celebrated in their designated month only.

“I just think it’s inappropriate that people start celebrating Christmas two to three months in advance,” junior Kate Wozniak said. “You have to give other holidays a chance, and also when you get excited for Christmas so far in advance, you’re forcing yourself to wait even longer for the holiday.”

Holidays are appreciated because they allow people to relax and enjoy time with their friends and families away from school or work. Some students believe that holidays shouldn’t blend into each other.

“People should give Halloween and Thanksgiving a chance to be celebrated so there is an equal opportunity for them all,” Wozniak said.

Whether you celebrate holidays months in advance or only the day of, we can all appreciate the happiness they bring.

“Holidays help to bring families and friends together to celebrate the seasons,” Wigle said. “I love the holidays because of the spirit they bring.”