Pros and Cons of the new iPhone 7

Julia Duran, Staff Writer

The recently released iPhone has been trending, not only on Twitter, but in school as well. In a recent advertisement, Apple said that the phone is the best iPhone ever made. Many consumers, however, are wondering whether this is true. Some students and teachers even believe that the new features ruin the phone. Others believe that the phone is a significant improvement.

“[I won’t get the iPhone 7 because of] the headphones,” social studies teacher M.C. Keating said. “I have a pair of Bluetooth earphones and I can’t find them ever; they are lost all the time.”

Keating isn’t the only one displeased with the new iPhone features. One of the biggest problems for most customers is the new wireless headphones, called AirPods, that cost about $159. Although you do not need to buy this accessory as the iPhone comes with an adapter for regular headphones, many find the added expense to be an inconvenience.

“I know I’ll have to [buy the AirPods] when I eventually upgrade, but I’m not spending $159 dollars on headphones,” Keating said.

However, some people see the positive side of the new earbuds.

“I actually really like how the headphones are wireless,” junior Madison Decuzzi said. “That way, we don’t have to worry about [the headphones] getting tangled.”

The lack of a headphone jack enabled Apple to make the iPhone 7 water resistant.

“I like that it is water resistant, which makes [the phone] even better,” senior Danesha Simms said.

Although the water resistance has sparked a lot of conversation, people still can’t decide whether this cancels out the lack of a headphone jack or not.

“It is a cute idea, but I personally will lose those little earbuds,” Simms said. “But they also sell the adapter piece in the phone case when you get it, so it’s not that big of a deal to me.”

The biggest problem with the adapter that comes with the device is that customers cannot charge the phone while listening to music, and that is a significant problem for most people.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 also has additional features such as two new colors offerings, better cameras and a new stereo speaker system. Many prospective buyers have learned to love these new features.

“I like the new jet black color that they have,” Simms said. “It has that dual-lens camera that I really want – two cameras in one; that’s really cool.

The dual camera, two cameras that shoot as one, featuring better zoom capabilities and a wide-angle lens, is an iPhone 7 Plus exclusive, which costs an additional fee. The regular phone comes only with the wide-angle lens.

“I like all the different colors it is available in and how sleek it looks,” junior Anjali Ravichandran said.

Like what seems to happen with all new Apple devices, consumers will soon get used to the added features and the iPhone 7 will be considered the norm until yet another phone is released.

“Overall, I think the iPhone 7 is basically the iPhone 6; it just takes away the headphone jack and it costs more money. I honestly hate it,” senior Jadyn Belmo said. “The only reason I would buy it is because it is jet black and it looks super sexy.”