Chantilly hosts annual Pyramid Choral Concert


Choral director Evan Ayers leads in the performance.

Anika Mereddy, Assistant News Editor

On Oct. 25, the performing department held the annual Chantilly Pyramid Choral Concert.

The concert hosts choirs from all schools that feed into Chantilly, including middle schools Rocky Run and Franklin and elementary schools Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West, Brookfield, Poplar Tree, Lees Corner and Oak Hill.

“It’s a great way for the younger students [in] elementary school to see what they do in middle school and the middle school kids to see what we do here in high school,” Choir Director Evan Ayars said. “I like how it’s a big community event that everyone is involved in.”

The directors were excited to display the new talent and hard work of their students. The students have been working since the start of the school year to prepare for this event, and their teachers are proud to show off their students’ abilities.

“At the end of the year, I know that I will never have children like that again and then the following year, I get a new bunch of kids that are just as good or better than the year before,” Rocky Run music teacher Lynn Christman said. “The cycle continues where I have magnificent children every year. And they impress me every year.”

Chantilly’s choirs– Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Advanced Treble Choir, Chamber Chorale and Chantilly ShowStoppers– practiced both in and out of school to prepare for the event.

The Chantilly ShowStoppers are students who mastered vocal technique while dancing along to the music. Women’s Choir and Men’s Choir practice separately and while they typically sing separately as well, they combine for some competitions and performances. The Advanced Treble Choir is an auditioned ensemble of women with strong vocal techniques. Chamber Chorale is a unisex auditioned ensemble who sing for a wide variety of audiences.

At the concert, each choir performed its own song. The ShowStoppers performed “Drag Me Down” and “Like I’m Going to Lose You.” The Advanced Treble Choir performed “Song for Joy,” while the Men’s Choir performed “Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal.” Together, the Women’s and Men’s groups performed “Something Told the Wild Geese.”

“I love how we get to perform for the elementary schoolers and the middle schoolers,” sophomore and ShowStopper Rocio Hernandez said. “Pyramid is the time where we basically try to promote our choir and try to get all the younger kids to want to join choir and to continue in their singing careers.”

This concert provides younger students with the opportunity to discover the choirs that are available to older students. Additionally, it is a chance for performers and teachers to see the choirs at their own level and improve.