Creative ways to use Halloween candy

Rachael Gunn, Assistant Academics Editor

Halloween has passed and mounds of candy are now sitting on kitchen counters or stashed away inside pillowcases. While some may enjoy feasting on the fruits of their labors, others may not be as eager to consume their sweet treasures. Whether it be because the treats they have aren’t pleasing, or they just don’t want to overindulge, everyone can find creative ways to turn their plain confectioneries into something more.

Care Packages for the Armed Forces

Who wouldn’t love receiving an all-American candy bar in the midst of anxiety and homesickness? Organizations such as Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude will readily accept candy to send to deployed U.S. troops. Both foundations provide anyone with the opportunity to send their candy overseas for a good cause. Instead of just hoarding candy, try reaching out to one of these organizations to support members of the U.S. military. Candy can be mailed to addresses found on the organizations’ websites.

“The smallest candy, like a Hershey bar, can really boost [a soldier’s] morale,” social studies teacher James MacKenzie said. “[It gives] them comfort [and sends] bits of home to soldiers overseas.”

Cute Arrangements

For individuals looking for unique ways to use their candy, thinking outside of the box is critical. Many students have come up with crafts that use candy as a main medium.

“My mom uses [Halloween candy] for decoration,” sophomore Lily Yoza said. “She puts them in a clear glass container and organizes them in a pattern.”

While it may be tempting to consume the candy, the decorations will be worth it. Another option is to save the candy to decorate gingerbread houses in December. It might be difficult to modify Halloween candy to fit the “Christmas theme,” but it’s possible.

“When [my family was] using candy corn, we’d use icing to make it Christmas colors,” sophomore Emily Schloss said.

There are endless possibilities limited only to an individual’s own creativity.

Bribe Siblings

Candy is, perhaps, the most useful bribe to use on younger siblings. It practically becomes a currency following the next few weeks after Halloween.

“The more candy [you offer], the more willing [siblings] are to do the job,” sophomore Rachael Hayes said.

When faced with a chore or errand, all someone has to do is hold out a chocolate bar, make a request and shoo away a grinning little sibling who doesn’t even know they’ve been swindled. The only downside is that if this technique is used too often, they’ll catch on and start refusing offers.

“[My siblings] realize they’re being bribed and know that I’m desperate,” Hayes said. “So sometimes they up the offer.”

If this does start to happen, save the bribe for a rainy day. Who knows, the candy might come in handy.