Fruit flies infest the school

Julia Duran, Assistant Features Editor

Drosophila suzukii, Drosophila simulans, Drosophila pseudoobscura, Drosophila hydei and Drosophila busckii. Do you know what they are? During this month, these little flies have been flying around school and have been a disturbance to many.

“I’m in yearbook and we’ve been having the problem for a while now,” junior Lidia Qorri said. “They’re honestly bothering everyone and we’re constantly having to swat at them in order for them to go away.”

No one knows if the flies are coming from a specific place and the reason they are at school.

“I know that fruit flies usually lay their eggs in fruits,” senior Jadyn Belmo said. “And I think they are coming from the fruits that are thrown away, what is really disgusting.”

At first, people thought the flies were only near the cafeteria, but they are everywhere.

“They’re actually extremely annoying, especially whenever any of us in the room are eating,” Qorri said.

Although they may cause sanitation concerns, the bugs are distracting and bothering everyone.

“I personally see the fruit flies everywhere,” senior Danesha Simms said. “It is so annoying, I am trying to do my work and all I see is a fruit fly around my face.”

The source of the fruit flies has yet to be determined, a solution cannot be implemented to get rid of the pests.

“Mainly most of us just try to kill them whenever we can because they are always around and we have no idea where they’re coming from,” Qorri said. “[The yearbook teacher] just figured out how to kill them with home remedy.”