Goldilocks goes to court in winter children’s show: “Goldilocks on Trial”

Milagro Nolasco Argueta, Staff Writer


“This porridge is too cold; this porridge is too hot; this one is just right,” Goldilocks said as she sat in the three bears’ house.   

We all know the classic tale about Goldilocks trespassing in the three bears’ house, but what do they do about Goldilocks when the story ends?

We find out in Chantilly’s drama production, “Goldilocks on Trial,” that they sue her for breaking into the bears’ house.

The play features the three bears and Goldilocks, but also introduces new characters including attorneys, a judge and witnesses.

“Goldilocks on Trial” is based on the premise that after Goldilocks was caught, she goes to trial for her actions and is either deemed at fault for her actions and she goes to jail, or she goes free,” senior Megan Dineen, who plays Goldilocks, said. “There is a defense attorney called Wombat who is defending her and there is a prosecutor who is defending the three little bears who are trying to sue her.”

The play was written by retired drama teacher Ed Monk, who came up with the idea during the high profile trial of O.J. Simpson.  

“I wrote it way back in the olden days when the O.J. Simpson trial was big news. It was also the time when my kids really liked watching ‘Barney’ on TV,” Monk said. “[‘Barney’] was a great show for kids, but as an adult you wanted to throw up because it was so stupid.”

Monk was inspired to write plays that not only kids would enjoy but adults too.

“The idea for all of the children’s shows that we do at Chantilly is that there are jokes that the kids get, but there are also jokes for older kids and adults that the little kids don’t get,” Monk said. “This makes it fun for the whole family to come to the show.”

Although Monk retired at the end of last school year and moved to Pennsylvania, he is directing the show.

“My daughter and son-in-law live in Arlington, so I stay with them and get to visit,” Monk said. “It’s been great to spend more time with them.”

Not only are children from the Chantilly community able to see Monk’s play, but many other schools also perform the play throughout the world.

“It’s fun to direct my own play because I know exactly how everything should look and sound so I can do my best to make the show work,” Monk said.  

Since “Goldilocks on Trial” is a children’s play, the actors will be particularly silly to catch the children’s attention.  

“It’s a kids show, so you have to be entertaining for the children [even] if they can’t follow the entire plot,” freshman Julia Chehab, who plays Mama bear, said.

“Goldilocks on Trial” will be performed on Jan. 27/28 at 7 p.m. and Jan. 28/29 at 2 p.m. The show runs a little over an hour long and tickets are $5 at the door or online.