Snow day survival guide

Maura Olson, Arts & Style Editor

You wake up to get ready for school, and as you groggily check your phone, you see the announcement: “Today, January 27, 2017, all FCPS schools will be closed due to inclement weather.” Immediately, you go back to sleep for your day off. However, when you wake up later, realizing that you are snowed in, you start to wonder what to do. The Purple Tide has put together three fun suggestions to keep you busy during snow days this year- if and when we get any.


When sitting at home on a dreary winter day, pampering yourself may lift your spirits. By using ingredients that you have at home in the pantry, you can have a do-it-yourself spa day that will relax you in no time. You can easily set the ambiance by lighting your favorite scented candle or listening to some music. Setting the ambiance is essential when having th According to  the Glamour website easy spa tricks at home include setting the ambiance , using a sugary exfoliator and taking a nice hot bath or shower. This will leave you relaxed and ready to return to school once it opens again.


While lounging on the couch and binge watching your favorite Netflix show may be your favorite type of relaxation, a yummy snack can make the experience even more fun. Although baking or cooking can be a drag, having an easy and simple go-to provides for a satisfying and filling treat.

“I love baking because it’s fun and creative, [and] it’s also a way for me to relieve stress,” sophomore Lindsay Jones said. “On snow days, I love baking cookies, plus they’re super easy [to make].”

Jones’ favorite cookie recipe only takes about a half an hour to make so it’s perfect for a quick and delicious treat.


For those who have a more active lifestyle, an at-home exercise routine can be the perfect activity for a day off. Working out at home is an especially beneficial thing to do during these cold winter months because not only does it make you more physically fit, but it also helps with your mental well-being.

“There are some pretty simple exercises that you can do to target a lot of different areas [of your body],” Health and Physical education teacher Kevin Boss said.

Although you may not be getting all the same benefits that you would at the gym, doing simple exercises can have the same effect.

“Most people can’t hold a high intensity workout for more than 20 minutes at a time,” Boss said. “I’d say for an at-home workout, about 40 to 45 minutes should do the trick.”