Students set their goals for 2017

Kiara Matthews, Staff Writer

It’s a new year and what better way to start off the year than with resolutions? Students should set goals for the year to improve themselves. Some people believe that resolutions are a waste of time, but others think very highly of creating goals in 2017. Resolutions for the year are ways for people to commit to their own success.   

“I feel like [resolutions] are for a goal to help accomplish my own needs,” senior Jadyn Belmo said.

Resolutions can be about gaining self-esteem and confidence. A downfall of making resolutions is that some teens think that they are no big deal or something to joke about.

“I feel like [people] are [uncommitted] because they say that they will go to the gym but then not go for the whole year except one time,” Belmo said. “People are never going to accomplish their plans when they say they will do it, but then [don’t].”

It’s important that we take making resolutions seriously and commit to achieving our goals.

Although working toward a resolution takes responsibility, it can come with a lot of stress. People might not live up to all of their expectations. It can be rough at times to not accomplish all the personal goals that they have set for themselves.

“I think in some ways resolutions can be very helpful to people and in other ways, [they can cause] anxiety,” freshman Serena Satouri said.

Resolutions are made to improve oneself from the past year; however, one often still wants to keep some parts of his or her personality. Having an accomplishment or something to look forward to can increase positivity and self-worth. It makes one happy about one’s ideas and is a confidence booster.

“[Resolutions are] to improve yourself. Every year you grow into a different person and sometimes you don’t want to lose part of yourself that you were last year,” Satouri said. “Sometimes you want to keep on doing certain things that are a little different but still keep yourself [the way you were].”

The start of a new year celebrates new possibilities. You make your own decisions and create your own goals for yourself. Everybody should set goals because without goals, there are no real accomplishment in your life. It’s also fun to look back and see how much better you can make yourself.  Let’s make 2017 the best year yet by setting positive goals and finding ways to better ourselves.