Netflix Originals: Binge-worthy shows to start watching today

Milagro Nolasco-Argueta, Staff Writer

Netflix has been stealing the hearts of many through its abundance of TV shows and movies. The streaming service not only offers TV shows from network channels, but also has its own originals. Many have heard of the popular series “Stranger Things” and “Orange Is the New Black,” but the service offers many other originals of different genres.

One example is the revival “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Nine years after the ending of the original series, Rory returned to Stars Hollow for a limited time. Old characters make an appearance and as well as new characters being introduced.

Sophomore Nia Hoq, who watched the entire original series as well as the revival.

“The relationship between Rory and her mother, the different parts of the show, the different characters and interactions are really unique to the show,” sophomore Nia Hoq said.

There are only four episodes of the revival, with each episode focusing on a season of the year; it starts off with “Winter” and progresses. Each episode has a running time of around 90 minutes.

Rory flies into her hometown Stars Hollow, from London, and can only stay one day because of her freelance journalism career, but Rory’s visit to town will not be her last. Rory not only has problems of her own but her mother, Lorelai Gilmore, and grandmother Emily Gilmore are going through a rough patch, Richard’s death. The death has made Lorelai and her mother visit a therapist, because of what happened at Richard’s funeral it has Emily and Lorelai mad with one another. Throughout the series we see whether Emily and Lorelai work things out and Rory trying to figure out what to do next in her life.

“I would recommend the show to people because it’s an interesting show to watch when you are bored or winding down,” Hoq said. “[It helps] to relieve stress and forget about things.”

There are also a few series based on history, categorized as dramas, like “The Crown,” which focuses on Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s about the reign of Queen Elizabeth and everything she goes through,’’ sophomore Jordyn Smith, who has been watching the show for a few weeks, said. “It’s interesting because if you are really into history, this is a good show.”

The beginning reveals how Elizabeth gets the crown at the young age of 25 and leads the United Kingdom, while also starting a family of her own.

In addition to “The Crown,” another historical drama offered by Netflix is “Peaky Blinders.”

“[This series] shows the gangster life of a gang in England [from the past,]” junior Ahlam Mohamed said.

The protagonist, Thomas Shelby, is the leader of an infamous gang in England in 1919 who will do anything to gain more power, regardless of the cost.

There are many Netflix original series available that may fly under the radar because of the more popular shows. Explore the realm as your new favorite show could be waiting for you.