“Muslim Ban” causes outrage around the world

Meriem Abou-Ghazaleh, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump passed an executive order on Jan. 27 that caused protests to erupt all over the country. Although the order, commonly referred to as the “Muslim Ban,” was ultimately blocked by federal courts, the Trump administration is set to roll out a similar new order in the days to come, according to ABC News.

The order included clauses blocking refugees from entering the country for the next 120 days; banning Syrian refugees, specifically Muslims, indefinitely; and restricting citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for at least 90 days, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

As soon as Trump signed the order, chaos and confusion ensued, causing outrages at airports because many travelers from the banned countries were detained. Widespread disapproval of the order was accompanied by nationwide protests and legal challenges by government officials, ending with the order being blocked and Trump infamously tweeting “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE.”

Like many throughout the world, various students were both offended and affected by the proposed ban.

“I think it goes against our values as a country,” junior Anthony Crutcher said. “On the Statue of Liberty, it’s engraved that we will welcome those who need [our] help, and [we] will care for those who need it.”

Many believe that America should open its arms to refugees, no matter their religion.

“I definitely think we should because the situation that they’re in is very wrong and it’s our duty as people in this world to help them,” Crutcher said. “We have the resources they need; we have the land that they need. There’s land out there where we could build places for refugees to stay in.”

Although it can be difficult to be an American teenager, when viewed from war-torn countries, our lives are privileged and we have much to be grateful for and share with others.

“Our biggest problem is having too much homework or complaining about school,” Crutcher said. “But if you put yourself in these refugees’ shoes, their problems are watching their friends die in front of them and having nowhere to escape to.”

This order shocked many, including myself. Throughout my life, I have always felt the need to apologize for being Muslim, as if it is some kind of crime. After this order was passed, Americans from all over the country showed their anger and disapproval of any sort of ban on any human being. To hear people chanting “We are all Muslim” brought so much happiness to my heart. This inhumane ban brought people of all faiths together and made us stronger, and nothing can take that away. So yes, Trump, we will see you in court, and Lady Liberty is on our side.