Music: The soundtrack to life

Grace Snarr, Copy Editor

The modern world of music is full of famous musicians, from those found staging wild and frenzied rock concerts to those of sophisticated and elite orchestras. All are living up their brief moments in the spotlight of the world before their minute of fame is over and they are whisked off into the oblivion of distant memory. For some students, the world of music is embraced wholeheartedly and is loved and enjoyed for more than just the prospect of future fame. Music can be a source of entertainment, a way to cope with stressors of daily life and an outlet for self-expression, whether as a hobby or just to spice up some of the monotony from the daily routines of life.

“It’s fun listening to music, but it’s way more fun making music, especially if you get it correct,” junior Julian Santos, who enjoys playing the guitar and singing, said. “Music is important to me because it helps me focus; it just makes life more fun.”

Music has been a part of the lives of many since they were young. Most started with picking up an instrument in early elementary school or joining the school choir.

“In first grade, my grandmother started teaching me piano,” freshman Anastasia Obernberger said. “From there I just got progressively more and more interested in music.”

In addition to piano, Obernberger plays the violin, guitar, ukulele and also sings.

Singing or playing an instrument is a positive source of relaxation for many students.

“Whenever I listen to music while doing my work, it relaxes me. [I try to] remind myself that homework is nothing to get overly stressed out about,” junior Arden Titus, who plays piano and sings in choir, said.

Music can also serve as a decompressor from everyday student life.

“High school is very stressful for me; just to take a break I will go down into my basement and play the piano, or I’ll sing to myself as I’m doing my work,” Titus said. “That just helps me to get focused and give my mind a rest.”

Music is also a beloved avenue that allows people to express and convey their voice.

“It’s my passion, it’s what drives me, it speaks to my soul,” Obernberger said. “It helps me express what I can’t express with words, and there are so many different kinds [of music that] you can really do whatever you want with it.”

Through the more difficult times of life, music is always there.

“There was a time when I was young, when I really didn’t feel that great about myself, and music was the best thing for me,” Obernberger said. “Playing piano helped me to escape my feelings; eventually I got through it and that was mostly due to music.”

Music is loved as a talent and skill that can be carried throughout life. It is treasured for its effect on musicians and all who are privileged to hear them perform.

“Whether in choir, in a solo or for a recital, I try to feel what I’m playing,” Titus said. “A lot of times it’s easy because it’s powerful; music is a powerful thing.”