Buschor does it all


Joey Durkin, Managing Editor

Many students elect to sink their teeth into one or two extracurricular activities throughout their high school careers. Junior Julie Buschor, on the other hand, has taken part in many unique opportunities, including equestrian sports. In addition to channeling her enthusiasm through riding, Buschor participates in JV girls’ volleyball as a manager.

“[Being the volleyball manager] was really fun because I had never done a school sport before,” Buschor said. “It was cool to get involved without having to put in the physical effort of training.”

Junior Courtney Butler, a close friend, enjoyed working alongside Buschor as co-managers of the volleyball team.

“[Buschor] was always really helpful,” Butler said. “We’ve known each other since elementary school, so it was really fun to manage with her. We were on the sidelines together, so there was always someone to talk to.”

Buschor’s family, like her, enjoys nontraditional activities.

“[My dad] wanted to find a project to do with my brother. Most would build a treehouse, but he said, ‘Let’s build a plane,’” Buschor said. “The total working time has been about six months. The next half of the plane is on its way.”

Buschor has also twice hosted foreign exchange students, one from Austria and another from France.

“[Hosting foreign exchange students] is my favorite thing I’ve ever done at Chantilly,” Buschor said. “It’s cool to see what [foreign exchange students] see as normal or as weird. [For example, in France and Austria], they have [very few types of] cereals. They were blown away by our grocery stores and the fact that there is a cereal aisle.”

Buschor spends much of her free time riding her leased horse named Squid in Warrenton, and her enthusiasm recently led her and some friends to a unique experience at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

“We were on a trail ride and there was a Wendy’s nearby,” Buschor said. “We thought [the employees] were going to be really ticked off and make us leave, but they actually really liked it. They made us wait so they could take pictures.”

Buschor’s passion for horses is also displayed through her decision to take the Academy course Animal Science this year. She enjoys the class for it’s utility, uniqueness and it’s entertainment value.

“Julie and I met this year in Animal Science and we bonded over our love for horses,” Guzick said. “We get along well and always have fun hanging out at her stable. She’s a fun person to be around.”