Class of 2018 Board prepares for a night in West Egg


Dedication, patience and hard work is put into making the long awaited high school dance memorable. Although it may seem like a decorated dance floor and a DJ, creating the perfect prom takes a lot of planning from the student volunteers in charge of the dance.

“We started at the beginning of the year; first we came up with a theme and set a budget,” senior and Class of 2017 board member Justin Dryer said. “We started building the decorations, ordering food and thinking of the prom king and queen nominations.”

Many students are also unaware as to who and what makes this magical night come to life.

“Prom planning is all student-run,” Dryer said. “The junior class board is in charge, but we bring in other students who are interested in helping out.”

The brains behind the dance range from class board officers to leadership students to devoted teachers, despite having to balance school and other responsibilities.

“The best part of prom is seeing all the small decorations come together,” junior and Class of 2018 board member Kristy Ahn said. “When the students come into the ballroom, it’ll be great seeing their reactions.”

Students from all grades have worked together for the last few months to perfect this night.

“The most stressful part is making sure everything is done well,” junior and Class of 2018 board member Jessica Terrazas said. “My fellow officers and I tend to be perfectionists, so we each want the night to run smoothly.”

While few people may recognize the substantial amount of work that goes into planning prom, many find themselves involved in implementing plans on the big day.

“The night before prom, the volunteers will go and deliver all the decorations and supplies to the hotel,” Terrazas said. “Then, the next morning, everyone will go in early to set up for the dance.”

There are many important responsibilities to attend to early in the day, which impacts the amount of time those involved have to get ready for the dance themselves.

“The day of prom, usually a lot of people on class board [are] going to the hotel to help [with] setup. We [have] to set up decorations, make sure our DJ, food, everything [is] set up. Around 3:40, everyone [goes] home, [changes], [take] pictures, and [goes] to prom,” Dryer said.

For many of the volunteers who help create the perfect prom, it’s about more than just leadership and event planning; they also want to make sure everyone attending prom has a great time.

“I hope prom this year exceeds expectations,” Ahn said. “Each individual member has put in so much work; we are all excited to see how it will turn out.”