New fashion trends to heat up the summer

Lexie Buswell, Copy Editor

As summer approaches and the temperature rises up, fashion trends for the nicer weather start to make an appearance. Along with the revival of 80s high-waisted shorts, here are a few more popular looks of the moment.

Crop tops:

What was once a popular trend in the 70s and 80s, the crop top has recently made a comeback. These shirts, lightweight T-shirts or tank tops that stop mid-waist, are displayed on hangers throughout clothing stores and in the closets of many for the warmer weather. Although crop tops are not dress code friendly, consider wearing this trend when school is out and try pairing the shirt with high-waisted shorts or a skirt.

“I like wearing high-waisted pants [with a crop top] it’s easier than dealing with tucking in your shirt,” junior Carolan Corcoran said. “It also makes a lazy outfit seem more put together.”

Along with pairing crop tops with high-waisted shorts, pants or skirts, some also pair them with long cardigans.

“Wearing long cardigans can serve to pull the outfit to together or be a cute and stylish way to stay warm,” Corcoran said. “It makes an outfit complete.”  


Floral headbands:

Although people often think of spring when they see florals, the flower power trend is hotter than ever this summer. These prints became popular in the 60s and 70s and have been seen everywhere from dresses to tops to even accessories such as headbands. Floral headbands or floral crowns can bring a pop of color to any basic outfit, making it a perfect style for the season.

“I have eight flower headbands left over from when I went through a very Tumblr-esque phase last year, during which I strived to be ‘aesthetic,’” freshmen Adriana Gao said. “Now I wear them because I think they look nice.”

These headbands can be paired with almost anything, such as dresses, flowy tops or flowy skirts with solid colors to help compliment the accessory.

“A floral crown is pretty much just a jazzed up seasonal headband,” Gao said. “It’s basically Coachella on a budget.”


Colored shorts:

Colored pastel shorts are a summer trend that are more sophisticated than counterparts such as khaki and jean shorts, affectionately referred to as “jorts”. The trend can be worn by anyone and gives off a peppy vibe.

“I like wearing [colored shorts] because they have cool colors,” junior CJ Plummer said. “I’d rather wear pastel shorts than black shorts.”

Colored shorts go well with any colored T-shirt or tank top, providing a fresh and easy summer look.

“I just really like [these] shorts because of the colors,” Plummer said.