Local hotspots to visit this summer

Maura Olson, Arts&Style Editor

Finding fun and new things to do over the summer is a top priority for many students. Here are three local places to visit to help make this summer one to remember.


Burnside Farms

Burnside Farms, located in Haymarket, Va., is a large field with different flower beds depending on the season. One of the popular attractions during the warmer months is the Summer of Sunflowers. With a $6 entrance fee, individuals are given a basket and clippers to pick their own sunflowers. With a small cost of $1.50 per flower, one can go to the farm to make a bouquet and enjoy the beautiful view of the field. Additionally, the farm has a second field that includes a sunflower maze which one can enjoy for an additional fee of $4. Moreover, due to the scenic aesthetics, the farm makes a great photo opportunity.

“I got my senior pictures taken there,” senior Brittany Sharabi said. “I would recommend it; it’s really pretty.”


Mosaic District

The Mosaic District is just the place for more of a city-like atmosphere. Located on District Avenue in the Merrifield area of Fairfax, Mosaic is a fun place to walk around, shop and enjoy a tasty meal. Additionally, there is a popular movie theater called the Angelika Film Center, as well as a beautiful outdoor area featuring art attractions like sculptures and an interactive water feature. For a quick photo op, stop in front of the giraffe and balloon murals near the entrance.

“The area is like a little city,” senior McKenzie Ahmadi said. “They have amazing murals; I can’t get enough of them.”

Along with the many unique shops and restaurants, there are also community staples such as Target and exercise studios.

“Mosaic District is a stead of shopping and food mostly,” Ahmadi said. “I usually go there for birthday dinners for my friends.”



Clifton is a fun place to meet friends and walk around is . With a small park and a strip of shops and restaurants, Clifton provides a peaceful, old-fashioned atmosphere.

“What I like about Clifton is the cute, old-town aesthetic that they have within the area,” junior Angelique Ngo said. “Sometimes they host parades like the [one on the Fourth of July, which is] really cute and [it brings] the community together.”

Ngo also recommends stopping by Clifton Cafe and Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot for a yummy sweet treat.

“I feel youthful when I’m there,” Ngo said. “It’s perfect for taking pictures, spending time with others or just exploring.”