Chargers welcome Principal Poole

Poole poses with his daughter, freshman Caroline, wife, and son, Jake, at the family’s cottage in Georgian Bay, Ontario.

Ted Thomas, editor-in-chief

Every year the dynamic of Chantilly changes as teachers or administrators leave. Last year, former principal Teresa Johnson left when she was promoted to Assistant Superintendent for the Department of Special Services. Johnson’s absence left Chantilly with a large gap in our leadership structure and in need of new person to fill the role as principal. While KT Lynch stepped up to be the interim principal, Chantilly searched for a new principal, and appointed Dr. Scott Poole.

Poole was the principal of Woodson High School for two years, prior to relocating to Chantilly.

“[Poole has worked] over 25 years in education,” Region 5 Assistant Superintendent Frances Ivey said in her speech at Poole’s announcement. “You can’t find a more passionate person who is always at the forefront of teaching and learning.”

Poole has worked in the county for longer than his tenure at Woodson. Prior to his position in Woodson, Poole was the principal at Lanier Middle School in Fairfax for nine years. In addition, he had administrative experience from being an Assistant Principal at Centreville High School.

Before earning his teaching degree, Poole worked as an economic analyst, which gave him the knowledge as he transitioned into becoming a Civics and Government teacher before working in administration education.

“I went to a small college called Hampden-Sydney in central Virginia. When I got out, I thought I might want to get into teaching, but I wasn’t sure,” Poole said. “My degree was in economics, and my first job was at a consulting firm. It was a good job, but I hated it.”

He earned a Masters in Education and eventually earned a doctorate to become a school administrator.

One part of his doctorate focuses on technology collaboration within school systems, and he hopes to incorporate this information into the one-on-one laptop program to improve it.

Poole has been a member of the Chantilly community for many years and his wife Christy is a Spanish teacher at Franklin Middle School and his daughter, Caroline, is currently a freshman.

“I know he came from Woodson and I know that he is a member of the community. That is one of the biggest things to me,” social studies teacher Angie Rollet said. “One of the things that I am most happy about is that he is going to be looking at Chantilly in a different way and really focusing on it as a parent and not just sort of an outsider.”  

With his vast experience in the community and education background, Poole has the credentials and capability to lead Chantilly to the top in the coming future. A future that he intends to keep on the path that it includes technological innovations and traditional practices. If you see Poole walking around the school be sure to welcome him to Chantilly.