Transfer students join Chantilly family

Senior Meghana Mundunuri, pictured on the bottom right with friends in front of her old school, recently moved from California.

Meghana Mundunuri

Senior Meghana Mundunuri, pictured on the bottom right with friends in front of her old school, recently moved from California.

Alyssa Lusk, staff writer

The beginning of the school year can be an exciting yet uncertain time for many; this is especially true for those who have been thrust into a new environment by recently moving to a different state and an entirely unfamiliar school. While the experience of transferring schools may be considered ordinary for some, the drastic changes can be overwhelming and stressful for others.

“I’m coming into this place where I don’t know anybody or anything, so I’m trying to adjust,” senior Meghana Mundunuri, who recently moved from California, said. “It definitely feels weird because I’m getting used to a [new] rhythm. On top of that, [I’m] coming in [my] final year, when everyone already has established everything and knows what they’re doing.”

A fresh start can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but on top of that, an unexplored home environment can make for a difficult adjustment.

“I knew that settling down here would be hard,” junior Shreya Yedla, who moved from St. Louis, said. “Since I already went to a high school before, I knew how high school drama would [play out], so I wasn’t that nervous about getting into [it] again.”

Although some individuals found moving to a new area challenging, others found positive experiences and expressed confidence and readiness in these changes.

“Honestly, I like this school a lot better than my last school,” sophomore Bryce Kooba, who moved from Maryland, said. “Here, everyone is a lot more social and able to talk to you, so [the adjustment has] been a lot easier.”

Transitions can be hard, but when one is given an opportunity to start fresh at a place like Chantilly, it is possible to turn that challenge into a positive experience.

“The teachers have been really nice, and in each class, I’ve met a couple of people; I’m still trying to make some friends, but all of that takes time.” Mundunuri said. “My old school had a lot less opportunities, so coming into this school, I’m taking two Academy classes. Those are definitely opportunities that are worth the move.”

While adapting to a completely different educational environment and community, transfer students have been reflecting on their pasts and preparing for their futures.

“I’m leaving behind this world that I’ve lived in for so long and everyone I know,” Mundunuri said. “[My] nerves are more involved with the school, but I am excited to explore a new place.”