Art aids students in escaping a messy world

Sophomore Arin David used a lyric from the song,“Love And Memories” by O.A.R. as inspiration for this art piece.

Zainab Khan, staff writer

A student is painting in the main hallway of his high school. To onlookers, it seems like he is merely finishing up a project for his art class. However, for him, with every brush stroke, he has transferred his emotions and poured all his stressful thoughts onto the canvas. Students like this one utilize art for more than the purpose of entertainment; these students use it as a portal to help cope with and relieve stress, while taking the mind away from the daily struggles of life.

Art is used by many people as an outlet and a way to express creativity. Whether it is a dedicated passion or just something to do while bored, art can help one take his or her mind off the pressures of life. One may be doodling because history class is tiring, but according to, his or her mind is slowly getting less and less consumed by negative energy. With the simple act of finishing the final petal on a rose, this student begins to think more positive thoughts and ideas instead of being weighed down by the stress school puts on students.

Some teenagers have been making art since they were young and are passionate about using their creativity to produce something they’ll cherish forever, while also having fun and lifting the weight of responsibilities off their shoulders.

“Art has always been the biggest anti-stressor in my life, and it helps me to calm my nerves,” sophomore Arin David said. “Painting and drawing are my go-to anxiety cures when it gets especially high. Being able to sit down at my desk and set my mind at ease for hours is great.”

Many artistic individuals agree that being in an art class or club during or after school is a relaxing and fun way to get rid of the constant stress of school, even if it’s just for a little while. Many find that learning new art techniques helps them unwind from the many hours of class they have each weekday.

“Whether it’s big class assignments or simple doodles, art can help me take my mind off of things that might have been stressing me out,” sophomore Luanna Peraldo said. “When I make art, I try to work on the most creative topics I can think of.”

Along with helping to relieve stress and anxiety, some students say art also helps them sort out their feelings and express themselves when they are feeling down or confused.

“I’m able to portray my emotions through my art,” sophomore Christine Schneider said. “If I feel really sad, I can draw someone who is really happy and it makes me happy. I’m able to put all of my emotions into my art piece, and if I want, I can throw the piece away and know everything will be okay.”

Some creative programs available at Chantilly include art, drama, choir, photography, ceramics, graphic design, creative writing, dance, band and orchestra. These are all electives that you can join and are year-round classes.

If you’re ever feeling like your head’s about to explode with stress, try turning to art to help relieve anxiety.

“I express my thoughts and feelings through my art like most artists do, and it’s fun to see how some artwork has deeper meanings than others,” David said. “If I hadn’t kept drawing since the third grade, I would be a different person than I am today.”