Innovative teachers implement engaging methods

Alex DeSilva, staff writer

Various teachers are bringing innovative twists into the classroom. Some involve unconventional methods such as Project-Based Learning or the use of games.

Many believe that English teacher Lucy Voorhees is innovative in how she uses projects and creates an open space that feels welcoming for students.

“I try and make my class feel fun,” Voorhees said. “I set up the space so that students feel comfortable to move around, and it keeps the energy high. I don’t know if it’s always successful, but that’s what I’m trying for.”

French teacher Elaine Gonzalez, implements an online program known as Classcraft, which is a game that gives each student an avatar with a class, such as mage or warrior, and an ability that they can use to help themselves and their classmates during quests. Quests are a series of activities that can reward a student with experience points and some in-game currency, depending on the completion of an assigned activity.

Classcraft offers a program called Boss Fight, through which students are randomly selected to answer a question and deal damage to the boss if they answer correctly, or take damage if they answer incorrectly

“I’m trying to keep up and make things different for the students and not predictable and boring,” Gonzalez said.

Modern teaching strategies provide engaging ways for teachers to determine whether students are actually learning.

“Innovative teachers can have a good balance,” sophomore Manas Kethireddy said. “They can give us a good amount of quizzes and projects so that they actually assess my skill.”

Many teachers are trying different methods to make their curriculum more accessible, ensuring that their students understand the material and can apply it during assessments.

“It’s become really popular to experiment with classroom space and the ways that you are approaching the material,” Voorhees said. “It’s always good to keep it fresh.”

Overall, innovative teaching methods produce alternative ways for students to learn and synthesize information, therefore enhancing their educational gain.