Students join together in honors societies and clubs to help others

Seerat Mutneja (left) helping Priscilla Luu (right) in the Math Honor Society classroom during CT

Eric Walsh, staff writer

In school, students are expected to learn an abundance of information from many different subjects. These subjects aren’t always easy and many students struggle as a result. However, some students who excel in a particular subject come together to help others in the form of honor societies and similar clubs. These include the Science National Honor Society, Math Honor Society and the writing center.

To be in the Science National Honor Society, a person must meet certain criteria.

“Our requirements are that members have to have a B+ in their science classes and an overall 3.0 gpa, those are both unweighted,” science teacher and honor society leader Karen Molloy said. “You also have to be in upper-level science classes, so juniors and seniors are eligible to join”.

The help the Honor Society provides isn’t limited to Chantilly High School. The society members occasionally attend STEM expos where they can display their own work and learn from others, similar to a science fair. The members also travel to various elementary and middle schools where they show different aspects of science to the students. While the Science National Honor Society helps students with science, the Math Honor Society is here to help students with math-related subjects, including algebra, geometry, calculus and computer science.

“It’s a really good way to refine our skills,” junior and Math Honor Society member Arundhati Rajpurohit said. “We are also helping other people with math, that isn’t a very easy subject to understand, so by getting first-hand advice from our tutors, it really helps other students.”

Students get help from the Math Honor Society tutors during CT in various math rooms. While they help with Math, the Writing Center does something similar, but it helps students with their writing skills rather than their mathematical skills. The Writing Center isn’t specifically an honor society, however, it fulfills a similar purpose.
“We work on giving skills that will help them write in all classes, not just English classes,” English teacher and writing center leader Nicole Lehman said. “We also help with social studies, essays, world language and writing as well. Our tutors are trained to help students in most areas.”

One way they help is having “workshops” meant for specific purposes.“We offer workshops that are open to all students usually during charger time,” Lehmen said. “In the next few weeks, we are going to have a science fair writing workshop to help freshmen. We also offer workshops throughout the year for college essays”

If you struggle in these subjects, consider meeting with these societies and clubs to improve your skills in any of these areas. The tutors in these are very qualified and willing to help you out.

“We are open to anyone, we’ve been working with specific groups of students, we always connect with our ESOL population,” Lehman said. “But we invite any student who is looking for another pair of eyes or to help with brainstorming.”