Volleyball sets up the scene for victory


Rosy James, staff writer

As the ball comes in contact with the player’s hand, the deafening sound of the hit rings throughout the gym. It glides over the net and flies toward the other team. An opposing player runs toward the ball and the players on the other side transition into defense. Hit after hit the two teams battle for hard-fought points as the intensity steadily rises on the court. Players call out to each other, coordinating their actions, working as one, not many.

Teamwork and dedication are vital to master volleyball. As a team, they know how to effectively get on defense, set up hits, and call free balls, but they also have a great bond.

“The team chemistry is really great. We know each other’s tendencies and personalities and how we play on the court and that helps for each of us to know how to encourage and support one another,” junior and varsity player Morghan Fingall said. “The team is able to bond on and off the court is something special that our team has.”

As the the postseason has ended, the varsity volleyball team has won the coveted title of district champions, and unfortunately lost during the semi-finals of the regional tournament.

The team is excited to compete in the postseason as it marks a time for them prove their progress.

“I think our team is really good under pressure; looking back on all the games- those really close five setters- we’ve really pulled through during the end,” freshman and varsity player Karis Park said. “I’m really excited because I know that we are going to do well.”

The members of the team enjoy working together on the field as well as outside. Their teamwork and camaraderie contributes to the quality of their performance.

“This year we really connect, and everyone is friendly and works well together,” senior and manager Brianna Reynolds said.

Members of the varsity team have been playing volleyball for years and this experience has allowed them to excel at their sport.

“Playing with the seniors, juniors and sophomores is really good,” Park said. “When I play club, I only get to play with players my age group and my skill level. But being on a high school team allows me to play with players beyond my skill level, which has been really good for me.”

The players’ experience stretches from freshmen to seniors, and each of them have different strengths, making the team dynamic unique.

“The seniors give the underclassmen advice about getting through Chantilly and all the different grade levels,” said Fingall. “We help each other out despite our age differences in different matters, and as a team we are who we are because of our differences.”

Though the girls’ volleyball team is a formidable opponent, with each player on the team more fierce than the next, these tight-knit friends are also very compassionate and helpful to others.

“I love the team a lot,” senior Megan Van Rafelghem said. “Everyone is so encouraging all the time during practices and games.”

While the team lost during semi-finals of the regional tournament, they were still able to achieve the title of district champions through their unity and perseverance.