A look into Subschool 2: Bobby Cardozo, Counselor

Anika Mereddy & Rachael Gunn, Assistant features editor & academics editor

Bobby Cardozo became a counselor because he wanted to help students overcome similar challenges to what he experienced in school.

“I put myself through school and thought that I could help others navigate the financial aid road,” Cardozo said. “I thought I could help others who were experiencing many of the same things that I went through. I also wanted to coach.”

His favorite part about being a counselor involves having summers off and having every day be a different experience.

Being athletic and in good health are things Cardozo values in his day-to-day life.

“I love healthy living, wellness, cycling, working out, hiking and running,” Cardozo said.

Something that not many people know about Cardozo is that he played in a professional amateur basketball league.

“I played in a pro amateur basketball league for 10 years,” Cardozo said. “I played with pros and college players during the summers on various teams.”