A “fresh” start to the Class of 2022

Sachi Chitre, copy editor

As the Class of 2022 transitions into high school, many members of the Chantilly community have advice to share with the new freshmen.

One tip, for example, concerns classroom temperature. Students have noticed the drastic change from one classroom to another, which has made it hard for them to focus. It can be helpful to bring a jacket to class and dress in layers to create a more comfortable environment.

Additionally, many upperclassmen believe it is essential to prioritize assignments and projects to maintain an organized academic and social life. Some classes require more time than others, so it is important to complete those assignments ahead of time.

“There are some classes where you just don’t have to focus that much,” junior Shoma Zafar said. ”I know that sounds like terrible advice, but in order to stick with time management, you just have to know what’s most important.”

Moreover, students who establish good relationships with teachers will have an easier time communicating with them when they need help.

“Get to know all the teachers and everybody who works here, as finding your way around and knowing how to do things will be a whole lot easier,” junior Aidan Linsley said.

Also, being involved in extracurricular activities will help relieve stress and give you a break from schoolwork. The variety of clubs and sports that students can participate in provides many opportunities to get involved. Every student should take advantage of the many options available to them.

“Get involved, because there are so many fantastic opportunities here,” Assistant Principal Amy Parmentier said. “Remember that everything counts in high school, so you have to bring your A-game every day.”