Chantilly varsity football team moves in the right direction


Phil Dolinger

Senior and varsity linebacker Ethan Bernet waits in coverage in the Robinson game Aug. 31.

Chris Longino , staff writer

Are you missing the excitement of Chantilly football from several years ago? Well, those days are coming back. The team, the fans and the hype are something special to witness this year.

Physical education teacher Sean Curry is in his second year as head coach. He has completely revamped the team, giving his players a new mindset for this season.

“Sometimes the conversations are hard, and it’s not what people want to hear,” Curry said. “We are doing our very best to maintain that trust and balance of respect.”

The team has a great head coach with players that are ready to start winning games, learn and put in the work. The philosophy and culture have been completely changed, with the players this year responding very well to an instructive environment on and off the football field.  

“Coaching is teaching because you are teaching in an accelerated, competitive, high pressure atmosphere,” Curry said.

Both coaches and players have shown immense dedication this year. In addition, the offseason workouts have intensified over the last year with the team participating in both summer and after school workouts.

“I feel like I have gotten a lot stronger and faster from the offseason workouts,” junior and varsity cornerback Garrett Nelson said.  

The team’s main objective is to get better every day.

“This past year our offseason programs included the weight room, general strength, and conditioning,” Curry said. “It was much improved; we averaged four to six kids going into the 2017 season. This year, we averaged 50 kids.”

The expectations from the players and the coaches is greater than ever before. Players are trying to get the best out of themselves and their teammates.

“I try to be very open and I believe we have a great staff. We are all teachers and we all believe in the relationship business that we are in,” Curry said. “We have very open honest conversations about strengths and weaknesses.”

Now that the players have expectations, the players won’t let themselves, their teammates and the fans down. The mentality has completely changed because the team is more focused as a unit.

“The team is looking pretty good. Last year a lot of us that were starting were juniors and seniors,” senior and varsity defensive end Peter Schwarz said. “We have grown up and gained experience.”

The coaches are more than just coaches; they are teachers of life to the student-athletes. This year’s season will likely be one of the most memorable to come.

“I feel like our team is a family and not just another team,” Schwarz said. “With great leadership this year, our team pushes it to the limit.”

The team is in pursuit of changing the future of Chantilly football.

“I love the excitement from the football team and have enjoyed this season so much,” Schwarz said.