Fall activities will leaf you smiling

Maddy Quigley, features editor

The weather has become chilly and the leaves are starting to fall, marking the start of autumn. There is no shortage of exciting activities to partake in during the fall with the people you love. The brisk winds and approaching holidays surrounding autumn months inspire many students to celebrate with a few of their favorite fall activities.


Apple picking:

Going to a local orchard and picking apples can be a great way to bond and make memories. Many students enjoy spend quality time with their family and friends while celebrating the changing of the seasons.  

“I go apple picking with my family every year; it’s my favorite thing to do in the fall,” freshman Lina Aboul-Hosn said. “One year for my dad’s birthday, we got a bunch of family and friends to surprise him at the orchard. We told him that the five of us were going apple picking, but when we showed up, all of our friends and family surprised him, and we had a picnic.”

There are stunning apple orchards scattered all throughout Virginia and several popular local farms near the Chantilly community that many students visit during the fall, such as Lewis Orchards and Marker Miller Orchards.


Exploring haunted houses:

As the fall season settles in, people get ready for Halloween. Countless enjoyable Halloween activities occur throughout the month of October, and haunted houses are a student favorite to get in the spirit of the holiday.

“There are tight corners, so people can just come out of nowhere and scare you,” junior Austin Burcham said. “Everything’s kind of confined, so you have that feeling of claustrophobia, which is scary.”

Many people appreciate the student-run haunted house to get in the spooky spirit.

“My favorite haunted house was the one here at Chantilly because all of my friends go to it,” Burcham said. “I like going to haunted houses to hang out with my friends, and I love getting scared. I like the feeling of being in a spooky atmosphere.”



The cooler weather, changing leaves and beautiful scenery can motivate people to get outside. Some find it easier to get active when the humidity and heat fade away.

“I enjoy hiking in the fall because it is a fun way to get outside and exercise without a major impact on your body,” senior Nicole Re said. “Hiking is more chill than running, but you’re still doing something.”

Students are surrounded by scenic attractions and trails in the Chantilly area. Many visit the alluring spots in the surrounding area such as the Shenandoah Valley or Great Falls Park.

“I go to Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland all the time because we have a lake house nearby. I’ve also been to local places like Shenandoah and hiked a few trails there,” Re said. “I sometimes go on a hike because I have either seen somebody else go there, or I will look up pictures to see what looks cool.”