A knight in Disney: where dreams come true


Rithika Ashok

The classes each decorate hallways during homecoming week.

Alyssa Lusk, arts&style editor

Whether it’s dancing with friends or cheering on athletes at the football game, an exciting atmosphere surrounds homecoming and the days leading up to it. Throughout the week, students and staff participate in various spirit days and activities that get the community ready for the big night. Many spend much of their time preparing for the neighborhood parade, Taste of Chantilly and the dance itself, but if anyone knows the struggles of getting ready for homecoming week, it’s the leadership students.

“Homecoming week is very stressful; we have to run the parade, Taste of Chantilly, the actual dance, the pep rally and halftime show,” junior and leadership student Sophia Hand said.

Due to the magnitude of the event, leadership students are broken up into different committees to handle the numerous jobs for which they are accountable.

“I’m in the parade committee, and our job is to get as many people in the community to be a part of the parade,” junior Bryanna D’Souza said. “We organize trucks for people that need to drive in the parade and arrange what spots they should be in.”

With so much to do, each committee- whether it be for the dance, parade or Taste of Chantilly- plays a key part in planning homecoming.

“Each committee has an intricate role and different part in making homecoming happen,” D’Souza said.

Deciding the theme of the dance, though, is a job handed directly to the student body. Students voted for this year’s Disney theme.

“I think the theme is super cute, and I like all the spirit days,” freshman Libby Bondi said. “I’m trying to stick to the theme as much as possible, especially with my dress [for the dance].”

Homecoming is more than just a dance. Many students make a whole night of it, planning pictures, dinners and post-dance activities.

“Usually, I go to homecoming with friends. We go out to dinner and take pictures,” junior Austin Burcham said. “After the dance, we all hang out; it’s one of my favorite parts of the week.”

Some students enjoy homecoming with friends, while others bring dates.

“Normally, I take my girlfriend to her favorite restaurant, and then we go to the dance for a bit,” senior Landon Waterfield said. “Afterward, we hang out and go out for ice cream.”

Though the dance seems to be the main event of the week, many students look forward to the homecoming game as well.

“I like the atmosphere of the game because everybody is there and it’s so energetic,” junior Catherine Nicholson said.

The enthusiasm that surrounds the game spreads to the student body.

“Homecoming is always the most hype game, and going with your friends is super fun,” Burcham said.

Athletes prepare for the game in different ways and are motivated knowing that their friends and family come to watch.

“I’m excited for the homecoming game because the whole community comes together and everyone is so pumped up,” junior and varsity football player Andres Sagastume said.

Though homecoming week can be stressful for the planners, overall, it’s a time when Chargers young and old can enjoy themselves and join together in school spirit.

“Homecoming week brings the entire school together,” D’Souza said. “It allows students to have a fun start to the year.”