Students celebrate holidays away from home


Paula Muente-Mizushima

Freshman Paula Muente-Mizushima and junior Alessandra Tazoe pose in a family picture at their grandparents’ home during a winter break trip to Peru in 2016.

Gray Jones, assistant sports editor

Strolling on a sparkling beach, cruising to the great unknown or immersing yourself in another culture: these are just some of the activities that Chargers will be participating in this winter break. Some students prefer visiting warm places during the cold season to escape the harsh winter weather.

“My parents and I are from Peru, and my family tries to go once a year to spend time with the rest of the family,” freshman Paula Muente-Mizushima said. “I’m really looking forward to spending time with my cousins there.”

Since it’s warm in Peru, it is a great opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean.

“The water at the beach we go to can get pretty rough and is always cold, but my cousins and I love to go swimming in it,” Muente-Mizushima said.

Instead of going to warm places for winter break, others like to embrace the cold weather and make the most out of the winter.

“Over winter break, I am going to Alaska for a cruise,” sophomore Rithik Sarraff said. “I’m looking forward to seeing more people, places, attractions, and most of all, a different lifestyle.”

An Alaskan cruise can be an adventure as there are many things to do such as viewing glaciers and wildlife as well as enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Many enjoy taking advantage of the two weeks of winter break by visiting multiple places.

“I am going to Canada and New York over winter break,” sophomore Alison Lim said. “It is kind of an all-in-one trip for my 16th birthday.”

Students use the break to get together with family that they don’t often see.

“My aunt comes from South Korea to visit every winter break, and she wanted to visit Canada, so we decided to stop by New York as well,” Lim said.

Winter break allows students to spend quality time with their families, something that is difficult to do when they are bombarded with constant homework. Whether students travel to warm or cold places, they all find meaningful ways to enjoy the break.