There’s “snow” place like home: a winter wonderland of activities

Taruni Addanki, copy editor

The excitement of making memories while doing what one loves is almost indescribable; during this time of the year, winter activities play a prominent role in contributing to the holiday spirit in the community. Although it can be easy to get caught up in Netflix movie marathons while sipping on cups of hot chocolate, many students can still stay active during the cold months by participating in their favorite winter sports.

The chilly season allows for a multitude of winter activities, and according to BBC, indulging in physical activities during the season actually decreases the chances of catching a cold or falling sick. Staying active in the winter is easier than it seems, simply partaking in fun activities with family and friends, such as snowboarding and skiing, does more than one would think.

Snowboarding not only serves as a popular form of exercise, but it can also be done as a leisure activity to help relieve stress. Many people snowboard to get out of the house and away from their electronics.

“I mostly snowboard just for fun and I like it so much because I don’t really have to think when I snowboard,” junior Collette Trinh said. “It’s kind of therapeutic to me.”

Some common areas for snowboarding and skiing in Virginia include Liberty Mountain and Massanutten, which are popular among students because of their close proximity to Chantilly.

However, snowboarding is not restricted to this state; many students travel out of the area to try out new slopes. West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Montana and Colorado are just a few examples of places to go for an exhilarating experience in the snow.

“I usually go to Pennsylvania or West Virginia, and I’m hopefully planning on making a trip to Colorado soon. If we get enough snow, my brother and I normally spend hours setting up a track with jumps, and we will stay outside until it gets dark,” senior Gabe Rincon said. “I love pushing myself to do tricks and jumps that seem scary to me. I love doing sports that give you adrenaline rushes.”

Another popular activity during the winter season is skiing. Although it is different from snowboarding, both are enjoyable forms of exercise.

“Every year I go on a three-to-four-day ski trip during winter break with a group of friends that I met in high school. The six of us plan the trip months ahead so that we can book a condo and reserve tickets and passes. One or two dads usually accompany us, making it a great guys weekend,” senior Dylan Lee said. “I never grew up skiing or boarding like a few of the other guys did, so I guess part of why it’s so fun is that I can just laugh it off when I go down.”

Engaging in sports such as snowboarding and skiing helps one stay active and healthy while also encouraging the creation of new memories.

“Going snowboarding is truly an experience like no other. Since I was a little kid, my dad would take my family out and teach us by himself,” Rincon said. “I definitely recommend snowboarding to others, especially if you’re looking into doing something fun this winter.”