A Knight in the Secret Garden

Students prepare for a night to remember


Elaine Gonzalez

The different foods and drinks that will be served at prom.

Chris Longino, staff writer

Prom is often viewed as a joyful time for friendships and celebration, but many are not aware of the extensive efforts and teacher input involved. The organization process involved many long hours, but in the end, the time and effort should pay off with an exciting night to remember.

The theme this year is “A Knight in the Secret Garden.”

“We thought about the theme Secret Garden by making sure the event is very related to the menu, decorations and invitations,” Class of 2020 sponsor and French teacher Elaine Gonzalez said.

Complaints about the DJ’s playlist last year have been addressed with a Google Classroom form for students to make song requests, thus giving them a greater impact on the music they will be dancing to.

“The DJ last year had a few complaints from the students about not being very good, so we made a form in Google Classroom for the DJ to make a song playlist from,” junior class board member William Tae said.   

Every year, prom has its ups and downs, but for many, it remains an event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This year, the student board members and staff sponsors who planned the event wanted attendees to feel extra elegant.

“I imagine prom as princess time, so we chose Secret Garden so students can dress like princes and princesses and it’s pretty” Class of 2020 sponsor and Spanish teacher Zoraida Vazquez said.

Much thought went into the food preparations as well.

“Another part of prom that is different is fewer finger foods and more sweet foods because that is what students seem to like more,” Gonzalez said.  

The decorations, inspired by the floral theme, are intended to create a magical atmosphere for the night.

Other changes made was the idea of having a new photo booth.

“I contacted a local business that is really good and we’ll have two photo booths this year,” Gonzales said.

Chantilly hopes to end the year with a bang by having an incredible event for students.

“It makes it special this year because I know a lot of seniors and I’m putting it together,” Vazquez said. “I feel like this from going to be different because I am part of it.”