Governor’s School provides unique summer experience


Kavya Shankar

Governor’s School students from the French Academy cheer during a soccer match against two of the other language academies, Spanish and German. This mini World Cup series was one of the many group bonding activities that left no dull moments for attendees.

Alessandra Tazoe, Editor-in-Chief

While some students spent the summer abroad in paradise, others found paradise a little closer to home. Sponsored by the state, Governor’s School is a three-week-long summer program hosted annually that specializes in different branches of studies including humanities, agriculture and engineering. It is the perfect chance for students to immerse themselves their passions at the college level while surrounded by peers who share similar interests.
“It has accelerated college courses taught by professors at the university based on what your respective subject is,” senior Gregory Cho, who attended the Governor’s School for Visual and Performing Arts, said. “We learned things like music theory, music history and music composition, and there was also a lot of ensemble playing. It’s a variety of different things you would do at college.”
Though the program may be academically intensive, students are able to take advantage of unique opportunities and enjoy themselves in the process. Throughout the three weeks, students attend classes Monday through Saturday and partake in several activities related to their subject. Some activities include international dances for the language academies and bonding through pastimes such as playing board games and going on runs.
“There was never a dull moment at the academy, with constant activity, cultural experiences and opportunities to meet great people,” senior Kavya Shankar, who attended the French Academy, said. “The immersion process is incredibly effective; to that end, Governor’s School does a great job at ensuring that the students are improving each and every day.”
In order to earn the privilege to work with distinguished mentors and professionals, students who attend Governor’s School must go through a highly-selective application process that varies depending on their respective subjects.
“The application process started around the fall of my junior year. I applied because I had a very keen interest in learning languages and knew that going to Governor’s School, which would be a full immersion program, would help me advance my French skills,” senior Rachel Rhee, who also attended the French Academy, said. “There was a written questionnaire that we had to submit, and there was also an oral, written and listening exam that we had to take.”
Students apply to Governor’s School for several different reasons; it may be for the academic enrichment or to have something that will stand out on their college applications. Ultimately, the experience can change one’s perspective through the innovative approaches, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
“My greatest takeaway from this experience was that no matter what language you speak or what activities you are taking part in, you will always be able to forge everlasting connections with incredible people,” Shankar said. “I highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a language, science or art form; Governor’s School is the best way to engender that passion and interest.”